Some days I don’t know just how creeped out to feel about the Pentagon.

There are days when I’m convinced the whole thing is run by Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series.  Not too long ago I got you some insider data on their plan to make zombie pigs in an attempt to get suspended animation for humans.  Well, now, I’ve just heard about their next plan…to MASTER LIGHTNING.

The name of the DARPA project behind this one is Project Nimbus, and it’s currently at work analyzing the mechanics of lightning, figuring out how it builds and discharges so that, hopefully, a mechanical means of doing so can be done, reliably, right down here.

Basically the military wants to build a lightning gun.

Of course, there are other applications here too, including the possibility of a ball lightning generator that can be used as a weaponized projectile.

For what it’s worth, DARPA itself says Project Nimbus is out to yield a way to permanently lightning-proof buildings and installations, so the billions of dollars in property damage and deaths can be done away with.  And it’s not just DARPA working on this, either–a company in Anderson, Indiana has developed a prototype lightning gun they call the StunStrike.  In Tucson, they’re working on one that involves short laser pulses.

So it sounds crazy, but the results may be more concrete–and more shocking–than we can believe.