Before you think I’ve gone mad and started featuring pictures of Semis, keep reading because I think this will pique your interest.  IST Energy, a company based out of Waltham, MA (right next to my hometown) has invented a machine that can turn every day waste (except glass and metal) into reusable energy.  The Green Energy Machine uses a process called gasification, which convert about 95% of waste – up to 3 tons a day – into reusable energy.  Based on 3 tons of banana peels and paper, the Green Energy Machine can provide enough ‘heat and electricity’ for a 200,000 square foot building containing up to 500 people a day.  Sick!

The Green Energy Machines costs about $850,000, which the company calculates will be recouped in 3 to 4 years by not paying for trash removal and power off the grid.

Now they just need Jack Lalanne to endorse the friggin’ thing with is God awful bushy eye brows.


Christen Costa

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