Still trying to decide on what to ask for for Christmas? Well then, be glad you waited!

Namco and Nintendo have teamed up to bring a version of Mario Kart to the arcades — Mario Kart Arcade GP.

The game features the same Mario Kart mechanics you’re used to with 24 courses and newly-added challenge stages. The arcade version will feature over 57 powerups, 40 of which are exclusive to the arcade version.

The dual cabinet arcade machine will allow two players to play. However, to truly experience Mario Kart, link up two cabinets for up to 4 players.

So next time your parents ask what you want for Christmas? Two Mario Kart Arcade GP systems of course. Each has a retail price of only $17,495.

Oh and you can race as Pac-Man now.

Story via joystiq

Christen Costa

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