VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Review – 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV

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Updated January 25, 2023
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Looking for the best 1080p TV? Then definitely give the VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV (D24F-G1) another look! Despite its small size, it packs in loads of useful smart TV features, including Google Chromecast built right in. Keep reading to see how this TV stacks up against the best TVs on the market.

Why We Like It – VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV (D24F-G1)

The VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV (D24F-G1) is a great small smart TV that has a beautiful 1080p picture. It’s perfect for dorm rooms and studio apartments, and we love that it comes with over 100 free channels. It’s also fairly easy to wall-mount. If you’re curious about size issues, learn how big a 24-inch TV is. While you are at it, you may be interested in reading our page on what does class mean on TV. You can also check out our comparison of LED vs LCD TV to learn the benefits of each screen type.

  • 100+ free channels included
  • Voice control to change channels or stream shows
  • Google Chromecast built-in
  • Only 2 HDMI ports

Performance (Display/Resolution/Refresh)

A full HD TV with great picture quality, the VIZIO D24F-G1 has a full array of LED backlight that improves light uniformity. Everyone in the room can enjoy the 178-degree viewing angle. It’s perfect for video games with a stand-out 120hz refresh rate. And the built-in Google Assistant makes it versatile and useful. Compare its performance to the LG 24LJ4540 or the Skyworth E20300. Additionally, for more information about picture quality, check out our guide to understanding TV resolution.

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The VIZIO has DTS StudioSound. Amazon reviews complain that the sound is a bit tinny, and many reviewers purchased a separate soundbar or speaker system to improve the audio quality. If you like this model, you’ll want to check out the Vizio OLED 2020. Check out our AXESS TV1705-24 24-Inch LED full 1080p HDTV review for a small TV with good sound.

Smart Features

This VIZIO is truly a smart LED TV! You can download the VIZIO Smartcast app to your smartphone to easily switch shows without needing the remote control. The Smartcast also features voice control compatible with Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. This TV works perfectly in any established smart home ecosystem. Although, such smart TVs will come with lots of wires, which is why you’ll want to learn how to hide TV wires on the wall.

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Ports & Expandability

The VIZIO D24F-G1 only has 2 HDMI ports, less than the Sony X900E. It has built-in wifi, an ethernet port, and a USB port for flash drives or keyboards. The VIZIO’s main attraction is the built-in Chromecast and voice control capabilities that make changing the channel a breeze.


At $200, the VIZIO D24F-G1 is a very budget-friendly TV. The LG 22LJ4540 TV is a bit cheaper, but the VIZIO is still a fantastic deal for a small smart TV. A high-definition 4K HDMI cable is included in the box. But the real deal is the 100+ channels included with the TV! However, check out our Acer SB220Q review for an option where you can save quite a bit if you don’t need smart functionality. For more great smaller TVs, check out our best small TV list.

VIZIO D-Series 24-Inch Class 1080p Full HD LED Smart TV (D24F-G1) Wrap Up

The Vizio D24F-G1 is a budget-friendly smart TV that’s perfect for college students and small spaces. It’s a fantastic value with 100+ included channels and compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. If you need a basic unit for movies, TV, and video games, then the VIZIO is right for you. Additionally, check out our guide on the best Vizio TV if you need a larger size.

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