Projector VGA vs HDMI

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Updated June 27, 2022

Comparing a projector VGA vs HDMI cable comes down to a few differences between them. The most significant differences are the signal and connector types. The types of connectors you have can make or break you, especially if you’re looking at the best projectors on the market.


  • HDMI stands for “High-Definition Multimedia Interface,” and it can transmit both digital video signals as well as audio.
  • VGA stands for “Video Graphics Array,” and this connector type can only transmit an analog signal for video.
  • Suppose you have two incompatible types of devices. In that case, you can purchase an HDMI to VGA adapter to use them together.

Make sure you invest in digital video signals that also transmit an audio signal. Keep reading to find out why digital is superior.

Comparing HDMI and VGA Cables

The comparisons between these two cables are few, but they run deep. VGA output has been on the way out for a while, and with good reason. A VGA port is unable to do many of the things that HDMI 2.0 can do. Understanding the differences between what an HDMI and VGA port look like will help prepare you for troubleshooting your top Epson projector.

Insider Tip

Ensure that the display devices you choose are compatible with your projectors, such as a Blu-Ray player, DVD player, or even a cable box.

You should always seek to understand more about the digital devices you use, however. Reading up on topics like how to increase resolution on a projector and what resolution is best for a projector will help you immensely.

Moreover, regular maintenance of your projector is key to the device’s longevity. You’ll want to know what to do when a projector says “no signal”, and the differences between lux and lumens on a projector

Interface Standards of these Cables

Both of these cables have a different interface. A VGA connector uses an analog signal. This is primarily why a VGA output is undesirable, and most folks are choosing to avoid a standard-definition VGA display. The HDMI cable can transmit a better video resolution because it uses HD instead.

There are a ton of electronic devices to help you take your home entertainment to the next level. Learning how 3D projectors work, what 4K projectors are, and understanding the differences between 3D ready vs full 3D projectors will help you go even further.

Types of Supported Signals between Devices

VGA cables are limited because they can only transmit analog video signals and cannot transmit an audio signal of any type. An HDMI cable can transmit digital signals, including digital audio, which makes it a far more convenient choice.

Differences in Image Qualities

If you’re tired of a video interface with low frame rates, avoid a VGA interface whenever possible. Going from HDMI to VGA is like going from a flat-screen TV to an old tube TV. The range of resolutions possible with HDMI is incomparable.

For that reason, it knocks VGA out of the ballpark in this category. For image quality, look for high-definition multimedia interface display ports.


Check the native resolution of your projector lens before investing in a screen so that you can ensure compatibility.


What does an HDMI port look like?

The HDMI port looks much different than a VGA connection does. An HDMI display port is a bit larger than a USB connector. It also has quite a few more pins.

How do I connect VGA and HDMI?

Sometimes you have display ports that don’t match up. In that case, invest in a simple adapter. This allows seamless connection between incompatible devices. A VGA to HDMI converter will work great.

Which cable is better for playing video games?

When you’re trying to get into game mode, go with digital video. You’ll have a far better experience and fewer separate cables to contend with. Your refresh rate will be better, so you can stay in game mode interruption-free.

Is a composite connection for video signal still a good choice?

With digital signals available, composite video has lost its footing. Right now, using a composite connection doesn’t make sense in most aspects.

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