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This window unit is currently the best wifi air conditioner on the market (in addition to being one of the best LG air conditioner models! With a cooling power of 10,000 BTU, a fair price tag of $389.62 (you can get a used model for even less), and a variety of smart control options, this window AC could be the perfect replacement for your current unit!

Why We Like It – LG LW1017ERSM

In this LG LW1017ERSM review we’ll go over the advantages of this older, wi-fi controllable air conditioner From its rating of 10,000 BTU (capable of cooling rooms up to 450 sq ft) to its integrated LG ThinQ, what’s not to love?

  • Fairly Quiet At 52 dB
  • Works With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
  • Has Integrated Smart Features Via LG ThinQ
  • This AC Unit Is Heavy, Weighing 74 Pounds
  • Not Suitable For Larger Spaces


These window air conditioners are rated for 10,000 BTU, & are capable of adequately cooling rooms up to 450 sq ft in size (for 1,000 sq ft of cooling power, check out the LG LW1816ER). The air conditioners have 3 different cooling/fan speeds and feature 4-way air deflection so you can easily cool specific parts of your room. Unfortunately, they are a little louder than other models, producing up to 55 dB of noise inside, & 63 dB outside.

Energy Efficiency

The LG LW1017ERSM window air conditioner earned an Energy Star rating of 12.0. LG projects the yearly cost of operating the unit to be $81, which is a little bit below the
average rating. Annual operating costs for similar models range from $65 to $127, so while the LW1017ERSM isn’t the most efficient model around, it’s still pretty good. That said, it is important to remember that the $81 is an estimate, so your electric bill may be higher or lower depending on how much you use the device.


Like many other LG air conditioners, this model has a removable/washable air filter. It’s easy to remove the filter because it just slides out of the side of the unit. Thankfully, this model includes a “Check Filter” light that alerts you when the air conditioner needs to be changed, so you won’t have to check it manually (although it’s still a good idea!). The light is located on the upper right-hand side of the device next to the display screen above the control buttons.


Like most window models, this AC is made of plastic and metal (if you’re looking for a portable mode, check out the LG LP1419IVSM!). Most customers seem to be happy with it (based on its current rating of 4.5 out of 5-stars based on 6,386 Amazon reviews), but a few have reported it failing upon arrival. If this happens, make sure to contact customer service right away, because the warranty (which covers both parts & labor) only lasts for one year.


For $389.62 you can pick up this AC unit (a cheaper alternative is the LG LP0818WNR). If you’d like to save some money, there are also used versions available starting at $302.86. Both options come with free delivery via Amazon; sadly, returns are not free. The unit comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts & labor. However, if you’d like more protection you can also buy a 3-year protection plan for $33.99 or a 4-year plan for $44.99.

LG LW1017ERSM Wrap Up

The LG LW1017ERSM is a unit we would recommend! For less than $400 you get 10,000 BTU of cooling power with wifi control via ThinQ. While it would have been nice if the unit weighed less, a heavy weight is, unfortunately, a common occurrence among window units, so we can’t fault the LW1017ERSM too much. Still, if you’re looking for a quiet wifi-controllable unit for a large room or small apartment, you can’t go wrong with this unit!

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