Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The thing about having a good gaming chair is that it gives you the kind of comfort that you would need to perform a lot better when gaming, and allows you to sit on it for much longer without getting tired. These are the kind of results that you should expect to get from the Best Gaming Chairs around, and the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is a good example of a quality chair that you can get on a budget. The recliner chair is made of pu leather, and even has an integrated headrest that you can use to rest your head on whenever you need to. Does it have what it takes to be the Best Console Gaming Chair, or will only do for someone who’s searching for the Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair? Let’s find out.

Why We Like It – Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

Made of high quality pu leather, the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair delivers a great gaming experience especially for anyone who wants to enjoy their long gaming sessions, making it a great gaming chair for $159.

  • Retractable footrest
  • Features a lumbar cushion & an integrated headrest
  • Reclines all the way to 180 degrees
  • Seat height is unadjustable


The Homall gaming recliner chair offers a decent amount of lumbar support in the form of a lumbar cushion that you’ll be able to move around and adjust. The cushion extends for the whole length of the seat, and is meant to support your lower back so that your back can avoid straining easily. This and the integrated headrest are two things that you certainly won’t find on the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair, making it a much better option to consider.


The faux leather material that covers up pretty much most of the homall gaming chair gives it a really nice soft feel, and its thin and lightly padded armrests make it a lot more comfortable for resting your arms compared to the X Rocker Pro H3. The chair also has an adjustable footrest that you’ll also be able to extend whenever you wish to do so, and this is one of the things that it has in common with the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair.


There’s not much that you’ll be able to do with the homall gaming recliner chair in terms of adjustment, as you won’t be able to raise or lower the seat height. You will however be able to recline the seat down from 90 to 180 degrees, which will be great for when you need a rest or even a short nap on the chair.


Gaming chairs that are made of a PU leather material don’t tend to do well especially in regards to breathability, so you might experience some form of back sweat if you tend to sit on the chair for too long. Racing style chairs like the Respawn 110 deal with this problem through the two air vents that most of them have right below the headrest, but since the chair homall doesn’t have any of those, you’ll just have to get up every now and then for your back to cool off.


The Homall Gaming chair comes in very limited color options, as it is only available in black with trims of either blue, red, purple or white. However, like most gaming recliners, it is pretty sturdy, and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 265 pounds. The leather recliner chair is also pretty versatile in its use, as you can opt to place it in your living room as a lounge chair, or even in your home theater room as a movie chair.

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Wrap Up

Retailing at about $160, the Homall Gaming Recliner chair is one of the best gaming chairs that you can get for that price, and even though it’s not a massage chair, it’s still pretty good for relaxing.

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