Google Wifi Router Review

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Updated June 5, 2023
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The Google Wifi Mesh is leading the charge in the mesh router revolution. It’s highly a convenient, great router for Google Fiber. And, though there are some missteps in performance and design, Google overcomes them with its simplicity and ease of setup. Check out our best router list to see which router is the right fit for you and your family.

Why We Like It – Google Wifi Router

The Google Wifi System is the easiest, most feature-dense mesh system that other mesh systems should aspire to emulate. Where the Google Nest had 2,200 square feet of coverage the Google Wifi Router has more than double that. Its customization features also ensure you’re gaming session, or your Netflix session will never be interrupted.

  • Built in connection and speed research on the app
  • Can prioritize bandwidth
  • Very affordable
  • Marginally better download speeds on the Orbi
  • Only has two ports


The Google Home Wi-Fi Router is able to match, if not outperform, the Netgear Orbi RBK23 Tri Band Mesh Wifi System. The included Wifi App has a built-in research for your internet speed and internet connection from within the mesh network. In terms of Download speeds, though, the Orbi wifi mesh system does do marginally better in MB/s, but this could also just be a once-in-a-while anomaly. Overall, your household should be able to stream Netflix at 4K resolution while another person plays games online, also in 4K, without any problems. But, if you want to avoid service drops, have a look at the great routers for fiber that you can get now. For more brand-specific products like this, check out our Fios Quantum Gateway router review.


The Google Wifi Router includes an ethernet cable and two ethernet ports (1 WAN and 1 LAN). If you insist on not having an Ethernet option, try the Eero Pro Wifi System. The Google Wifi App offers more in-depth settings like continuous monitoring of your network, points, and connected devices. The Wifi Google can act as the core router of the entire home network and you can prioritize bandwidth to one device at a time, control smart home devices, and pause internet access to certain devices.


The Google Wifi Router retails for $90.00 for one and $265.00 for a set of three which has one main Google wifi point and two secondary wifi points. The Google Wi-Fi Router isn’t all that much considering what it can do. Google promises the three wi-fi points can cover up to 4,500 square feet in a single location. If you’re looking for more coverage, try the TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-fi System Router which can cover an area of 5,500 square feet.

Google Wifi Router Wrap Up

The Google Wifi Router is the simplest and easiest wifi router to set up which gives it a huge leg up over the competition. Despite its slightly lower download speeds compared to its competition, its bandwidth prioritization makes it that whatever needs the majority of the bandwidth gets it. So if you’re downloading something just prioritize your bandwidth and voila, fast download speeds.

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