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Updated September 30, 2022

You can often save money on mobile phone insurance by using a family plan. Much like family plans for cellular service, family plans for phone insurance let you add additional lines and devices for much less than the cost of a separate device protection plan for each smartphone. As with regular top-tier cell phone insurance, there are a number of options to consider. Providers of family phone insurance plans include wireless carriers, 3rd party insurers, and credit card companies.


  • Family mobile phone insurance can save money compared to an individual policy
  • Cell phone carriers, device manufacturers, and third-party insurers all offer multi-device plans.
  • These plans vary in cost according to the device.
  • Eligible devices include laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Why Choose a Multi-Device Plan?

Compared to the manufacturer’s warranty on new smartphones, a multi-device or family phone insurance plan provides extra coverage for the most common risks for phones. This includes loss, theft, and accidental damage from drops and spills.

Compared to a single-device plan, a multi-device protection plan typically allows for more claims per year and the replacement of more than one device.

About half of all households experience at least one phone loss in two years, but for households with children 12 and under, this goes up to 81 percent, according to a recent Consumer Reports Survey

A family phone insurance plan can help with peace of mind, especially if your kids each have their own mobile phone.

Comparing Types of Multi Mobile Phone Insurance

There are a few different choices when it comes to family multi-device mobile protection. You can go with wireless carrier-based insurance plans, 3rd party insurers, or stick to an extended warranty from your device’s manufacturer or a retail store service plan.

Manufacturer Smartphone Insurance Plans

Apple and Samsung both offer extended protection plans for smartphones. These are not technically insurance, as they won’t pay to replace a phone that’s lost or stolen. You’ll also have to pay extra for each additional device you add to the plan.

Unlike the standard AppleCare warranty, however, AppleCare+ adds coverage for accidental damage for up to two years. You have 60 days from the time of purchase to add AppleCare+. You can learn more by reading our article about is AppleCare worth it. Likewise, Samsung Premium Care extends warranty coverage and adds drops and spills coverage, but you pay by a monthly fee rather than upfront. Service options vary in cost according to the type of device.

Cell-Phone Carrier Smartphone Insurance Plans

Cellular and wireless carriers typically offer family phone insurance plans for multiple devices on the same account. If you already have a family plan for mobile phone service, it may make sense to go with a family device protection plan.

Unlike manufacturer extended warranties, these insurance plans typically cover damage and loss or theft. The cost, number of claims allowed, and deductibles vary with different plans and devices.

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The cost, number of claims allowed, and deductibles vary with different plans and devices.

AT&T Device Protection

AT&T’s multi-device protection pack allows the enrollment of as many as three devices on the same wireless contract. Costs and repair deductibles vary with the type of device. Most tablets and smartphones are eligible. Unlike manufacturer extended warranties, mobile protection includes coverage for loss and theft. You’ll also get tech support.

Verizon Total Mobile Multi-Device

Verizon’s Total Mobile Device plan works somewhat like comprehensive coverage on a car. Up to three lines are included, with an additional charge applying for up to seven more lines on the same policy. The deductibles are generally around $100 per claim for damage but vary depending on the device. You can usually get a replacement phone or tablet overnight or within one to three business days. Water damage, loss, and theft are covered. You may also want to know if Verizon insurance covers cracked screens. In case of replacement due to damage, you’re required to send back the damaged phone. Whether you are filing an Asurion claim or Verizon, the process will be similar as Asurion is Verizon’s insurance provider.

T-Mobile Lookout Mobile Security Premium

T-Mobile’s device protection allows you to extend coverage to multiple devices for an additional monthly fee. These policies cover malfunctions, accidental damage, loss, and theft. For around $12-15 per month per device, the highest tier of protection adds tech support.

Other Cell Phone Insurance Providers

Many insurance companies provide cell phone coverage, including family plans. Homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance will generally cover device replacement due to theft. However, be sure to check your deductible, as the common deductibles on homeowner’s policies, about $500- $1000 per claim, may not save you much money when it comes to replacing a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Also, you should know that if you have a Nationwide FlexPlus bank account, you may have Nationwide FlexPlus mobile phone insurance at no extra charge.

Other companies, such as SquareTrade, provide mobile phone protection policies with various terms and conditions. SquareTrade’s basic coverage, for example, provides up to three years of coverage. It covers liquid damage and cracked screens but doesn’t cover a replacement device if yours is lost or stolen. Additionally, you can read our article to see if Geek Squad protection is worth it. There are also some specific guidelines to follow when you find your cell phone after an insurance claim, one of which is reaching out to your provider as soon as possible.

Insider Tip

Be sure to check your deductible, as the common deductibles on homeowner’s policies, about $500- $1000 per claim, may not save you much money when it comes to replacing a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


What types of losses are covered?

Most mobile insurance plans from wireless carriers and insurance companies cover water damage and other accidental damages, theft, and loss. They may also cover a cracked screen. However, you can often get a screen replacement for around the same price as the deductible on your mobile coverage.

Are there deductibles?

Mobile insurance policies typically have deductibles ranging from $50 to $200 per claim, depending on the device type and the type of repair or replacement needed.

Is family smartphone insurance worth buying?

Coverage varies and your own needs may vary as well. In general, if you have kids in school with their own smartphones, family smartphone insurance can save money compared to having to pay out of pocket to replace each device.

STAT: 81% of families with children report losing one or more smartphones in two years. (source)
STAT: The most common type of repair needed on smartphones is screen replacement. (source)
STAT: Most phones lose about 60% of their value in the first year of ownership. (source)

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