Best Wooden Office Chairs in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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What are the features that make for the best wooden office chairs? It starts with excellent materials, quality craftsmanship, with long-lasting hardwood, and durable finishes. Ergonomics is a close second since it’s important to avoid the extra fatigue, discomfort, and distraction of an unnatural seating position, something the best wooden office chairs can help with, as they benefit from classic, time-tested, and supportive designs.

With that in mind, aesthetics is the 3rd most important feature, as it should elevate the look of your office or workspace and add elegance as well as comfort. If you keep these features in mind then you will get the best office chairs that are not only comfortable but will skyrocket your productivity. Keep reading our wooden office chair buying guide to learn more.

Top Wooden Office Chairs

 #1  OSP 108ES-3 Wooden Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This classic-looking wooden chair features a sturdy build quality and adjustable height and tilt to meet your needs. With supportive ergonomics and a breathable slatted back, this is a great model for spending hours in the office.

  • Extremely breathable
  • Good padding
  • Height and tilt adjustment
  • Casters aren’t very mobile

The OSP 108ES-3 wooden office chair is an excellent choice for users looking for a sturdy and classic design for their office, study room, or writing space. This banker-style seat features an espresso finish and a slatted wooden back to keep you cool and supported during a long day at work. The padded seat features a black vinyl finish which is easy to clean and stands up to hours on end. While the casters aren’t the smoothest, they are still well-made and are safe to use on carpet.

This easy-to-assemble seat rests on a five-point base that will leave you feeling secure and supported at your desk. The OSP 108ES-3 office chair features a five-inch adjustable seat height that is easily controlled via the pneumatic control handle. In addition to height adjustment, this seat lets you rock in place for a quick break, and use the tilt handle to lock the seat in place for when it’s time to work again.

 #2  Boss B9545-BY Wooden Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This elegant wooden seat features smooth-rolling wheels and a supportive seat that fits any home office or library room. The brass trim and sturdy wooden base ensure that this seat will hold up over hours of use.

  • Elegant design
  • Supportive seat
  • Simple assembly
  • No height adjustment

The Boss B9545-BY is an excellent choice for users looking for an elegant seat for their home office or writing room. This sturdy wooden seat assembles in minutes and it is light enough so you can move while seated or easily rearrange your seating. The padded back and seat feature a vinyl finish that keeps it breathable and the hand-applied brass trim ensures that it will stay put over hours of use. While there isn’t a height or tilt adjuster, the seat is short enough to fit most desks.

In addition to style and durability, the Boss B9545-BY office chair features a supportive and padded back that’s complemented by padded armrests. The vinyl seat supports up to 275lbs and contains no-sag springs for a comfortable seat that keeps you upright and focused on your work. Lastly, the rotating casters have a nice brass finish and they rotate 360 degrees to keep you mobile while switching between tasks.

 #3  Boss B905DW-SG Wooden Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This sturdy and supportive seat features fabric upholstery and a contoured seat to carry users through a long day at the workplace The wooden base and mobile casters make sure that this seat will stand up to the rigors of the workweek.

  • Extremely simple assembly
  • Breathable fabric
  • Ergonomic contours
  • Sub-par seat springs

The Boss B905DW-SG is a stellar pick for professionals looking to add class and comfort to their office lifestyle. With the use of basic tools, this easy-to-assemble wooden chair snaps together in about 20-30 minutes to give you a supportive and work-ready seat. Additionally, the linen upholstery keeps users cool over hours of use. While the seat’s springs could be more supportive, the padding ensures that you’ll stay focused while finishing a report or enjoying your favorite book.

In addition to easy assembly and soft fabric, the Boss B905DW-SG features ergonomic contours to help mitigate the effects of extended deskwork. Additionally, this chair features a pneumatic height adjustment and a tilt tension control to ensure that you get proper knee and hip alignment. The padded and upholstered armrests help support your arms while typing, so you can avoid arm and shoulder strain. Lastly, the antique-style brass casters move easily, and they work well on carpets.

 #4  South Shore 100275 Wooden Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This simple-but-functional seat features a see-through plastic that makes it an easy addition to a casual workplace or home study area. With a lightweight and minimal design, this model maintains a comfortable and supportive seat that’s perfect for reading a book or drawing up ideas.

  • Incredibly stylish
  • Versitle
  • Fits in most spaces
  • No padding

The South Shore 100275 office chair features a mid-century design with a plastic seat and back on sturdy wooden legs. This extremely easy-to-assemble seat fits in just about any room or office, and the lightweight design makes it simple to lift or move the chair around your workspace. Additionally, the clear backing lets this chair effortlessly blend in or complement your latest interior design. While there isn’t any padding, the ergonomic shape ensures that you’ll stay comfortable while studying or watching TV.

The fabric-free back and seat of the South Shore 100275 office chair means that you don’t have to worry about stains or messes while you work on a painting or eat a snack. In addition to being easy to clean, this seat is simple to store away thanks to its small size and armrest-free design. Lastly, the openness of the plastic seat makes it easy to add your own pillow or blanket that matches the look of your office or reading room.

 #5  Flash Furniture 802-BRN-GG Wooden Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This elegant and well-padded seat features soft microfiber upholstery and a spring-supported seat to ensure that you stay comfortable at work or play. With durable wooden armrests and a steel base, you’ll be stable and supported for the entire workday.

  • Superb softness
  • Great padding
  • Professional look
  • Sub-par lumbar support

The Flash Furniture 802-BRN-GG office chair features a professional design that fits well in any office environment or home workspace. This chair offers a soft microfiber suede that covers the back, seat, and armrests, and the padding underneath features high-density foam that won’t wear down as the hours go by. While the lumbar support leaves a bit to be desired, this high-back chair still offers ergonomic contours that encourage an upright posture.

In addition to soft upholstery, the Flash Furniture 802-BRN-GG supports users with well-placed armrests and a spring-loaded seat that will keep you supported while focusing on work or discussing deals with clients. The strong wooden base and dual caster wheels will keep you stable and secure as you move around the office or switch between devices. Lastly, thanks to the pneumatic lift and tilt tension mechanism you can keep your hips and knees properly aligned while you work.

 #6  Serta 43506 Wooden Office Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This seat features extensive padding and supportive contours to keep you comfortable and alert while working hard or enjoying a casual online game. With a professional look and great build quality, this model is an excellent choice.

  • Extensive padding
  • Good lumbar support
  • Great for large adults
  • Does not recline very far

The Serta 43506 office chair is an excellent choice for big and tall users looking for a seat to support them at the office or at their PC gaming setup. The bonded leather is smooth and breathable, and the extensive padding keeps users supported and comfortable over many hours of use. Additionally, the adjustable lumbar support ensures that you’ll keep proper alignment, even during the post-lunch slump. While the recline function doesn’t let users take naps, it is more than enough to catch a quick break.

In addition to thick padding and smooth bonded leather, the Serta 4350 office chair provides multiple adjustment features to dial in your perfect position. The easy-to-reach height control level allows users to lift or lower the seat up to 3.5”, and the waterfall seat ensures proper weight distribution of your legs and hips. The smooth-rolling 60mm casters offer mobility in an active work environment, and the scuff-resistant foot pads ensure that you won’t wear down the chair’s wooden finish.

Beginners’ Guide to Wooden Office Chairs

What Are Wooden Office Chairs?

In the most general sense, a wooden office chair is a wooden desk chair designed for use in an office or home office space, with productivity in mind. They can be upholstered or finished in polished wood, painted, or unpainted. Some wooden office chairs have swivel bases and adjustable backrest angles. These are not Hon office chairs, which are mesh fabric, high-back chairs, or pleather chairs.

Wooden Office Chairs vs Office Chairs

Unlike most gaming chairs and ergonomic office chair options on the market, wooden office chairs are typically constructed of hardwood such as cherry, walnut, or oak, or can also be made from pine, maple, or African hardwoods. Some stylish home office chairs and desk chairs use clear coat varnish as their finish, while other wood office chairs use a stain that gives a darker finish. They can have either a classic design or an updated, contemporary design. Most wooden desk chair options feature a curved seat for maximum comfort. A wooden chair can be an extremely comfortable chair for work and gaming, too.

But, you’ll want to know how to maintain a gaming chair by cleaning it regularly as you would an office chair.

Compared to the typical Herman Miller swivel chair derivative, or a more plastic-looking affordable desk chair, a wooden chair can provide a stylish upgrade while still offering comfort. Wood office chairs can still incorporate an ergonomic design that meets or exceeds the comfort level of other types of chairs.

How Wooden Office Chairs Work

A wooden office chair or executive chair typically starts with a solid wood frame and then may optionally incorporate seat cushions, a separate wooden base, or legs with a sturdy metal base. Some of the most stylish desk chairs are one-piece wooden chairs.

Quality, real wood office chairs serve to add a more refined, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment to your workspace or home office. An ergonomic chair design helps you avoid repetitive strain while working on a computer or sitting in a conference room.

Why Should You Buy a (New) Office Chair?

Is your work chair not the most comfortable chair to sit in for long stretches? Or do the office chairs just not go with the decor and the aesthetics of your space? Maybe you’ve started working from home full time and want to get serious about a more ergonomic desk chair to boost comfort and productivity.

These are some of the reasons you might want to look into getting a new office chair. And with today’s office chairs, you don’t need to buy the most expensive chair on the market in order to get features like seat height adjustment or lumbar support. You can even find an office chair with a genuine wooden frame as well as a cushioned seat. Many of the top wooden office chairs have multiple upholstery options and come in a range of color options and with different wood finishes.

Relatively new on the market are some thoughtfully designed office chairs that blend contemporary style with classic, high-quality materials. They may be shaped like classic mid-century modern office chairs, or have updated looks and added features like pneumatic height adjustment. If you’re re-furnishing a home office or co-working space, you might want to consider a matched chair set. Wooden office chairs offer a mix of good weight capacity and simplicity of construction, making them an excellent choice for a set. A painted wooden chair can add a unique pop of color to an otherwise drab work area.

Is a Wooden Office Chair Worth Buying?

This type of office chair is great for anyone looking to add aesthetic appeal as well as comfort to an office, home office, workspace, or conference room. If your office has a modern, minimalist vibe, a wooden office chair without wheels may be the perfect accent piece to go along with a sleek wood desk and shelving. You can find these chairs in black, in neutral colors, or in various wood finish options. Wood office chairs can come in a compact size that takes up less space in a home office, compared to a typical gaming chair with caster wheels.

Big and tall people may also benefit from the comfort and sturdiness of high-quality wooden office chairs. Wood executive chairs may boast a higher weight limit than most wheeled and height-adjustable chairs. Among wooden office chairs, robust weight capacity and real leather cushions and armrests distinguish some of the best choices. If you find the cushioning isn’t enough for you, check out our page on how to choose the best office chair cushion with back support for more comfort.

If you’re looking for a beautiful chair for a home office, or a mid-century desk chair to go with your minimalist workspace, wooden office chairs may be just right for your needs.

Why a Wooden Office Chair May Not Be For You

Are wooden office chairs not ergonomic enough? You may have concerns about lumbar adjustment or flip-up arms, and wonder if you’ll be able to find a comfortable position in a wooden task chair. However, wooden office chairs come in a wide range of sizes and back-rest angles and can offer padded armrests and ample thigh support.

You may also like the idea of breathable mesh office chairs rather than the more heat-retaining faux leather upholstery or real leather. You can find wooden office chairs in a contemporary style that incorporate modern features like a wooden frame with mesh backing. These slim, compact chairs may be lightweight pieces made of natural cane and can provide enough air circulation to help keep you cool while hard at work.

Heavier, more substantial wooden chairs are not as portable as chairs with wheels or dual-wheel caster chairs tend to be, but they do, on the contrary, offer a more substantial feel and provide a more luxurious, beautiful aesthetic. You can also find wood office chairs with 360-degree swivel bases and dual-wheel carpet casters.

How Long Will a Wooden Office Chair Last?

A heavy-duty desk chair with a wood frame should last a very long time. A good modern desk chair or wood executive office chair will likely have comparable durability to the classic, traditional desk chair models that have been around for upwards of seventy years. It’s possible to find a 1950s wood and leather desk chair still in good condition, and a modern desk chair made the same way should have comparable longevity if well taken care of.

The key to maintaining a wooden chair is protecting it from moisture and UV damage. This means keeping the finish intact with a wood or paint protectant, storing your executive office chair someplace cool and dry if you’re going to store it for extended periods, and keeping the leather and upholstery out of direct sunlight.

While the average lifespan of an office chair is around seven or eight years, with budget office chairs lasting a little bit less. However, the best wood office chairs can last decades if treated correctly.

If your office chairs have features like adjustable lumbar support, height adjustment, or dual-wheel carpet casters, these moving parts will generally wear out sooner than the frame itself. Flip-up arms and padded armrests typically develop wear before the seat cushions do.

While typically thought of as a perishable material, wood can last for centuries in a dry enough environment or with the right treatments.

How to Choose a Wooden Office Chair

When picking out a new office or desk chair, be sure to look for durability, comfort, and style. Make sure the weight capacity is enough for your needs and those of any co-workers who may be using the chair. Next, consider the functional comfort of the design, since an ergonomic office chair can help relieve repetitive strain and fatigue symptoms. Finally, the look of an office chair is important, too. One reason many people choose a wooden desk chair is for the aesthetic appeal of a classic, timeless design.

Key Features of a Wooden Office Chair

Here are some of the most important features to consider in a wooden office chair.

What’s The Best Shape for a Wooden Office Chair?

The form of a chair will in large part determine the seating position and how comfortable it is for the long haul. An ergonomic desk chair should promote a comfortable, natural posture while working. The best shape of a chair may also depend on the design of your workspace and how much room you have.

What Materials Are Used to Make a Wooden Office Chair?

Different types of wood have different hardness, grain, and flexibility properties as well as differing levels of load-bearing strength and durability. You can usually find out what type of wood a chair is made of in the product description or product details.

Are Wooden Office Chairs Available in Different Colors?

What color choices are popular? A wooden chair may be painted or unpainted and can have various finishes. Popular looks include a fruitwood finish such as American cherry with a slightly red, darker stain. Depending on the style and the rest of your office decor, you might also prefer a blonde wood finish.

Do Wooden Office Chairs Offer Adjustability?

Some wood office chairs do offer a range of adjustability features, such as tilt control, built-in lumbar support, and pneumatic seat-height adjustment, though these features are more universal among brass bass office chairs and gaming chairs. These features are also useful if you are looking for the best chair for programmers.

Office Space Considerations

What kind of flooring surface material is in your workspace? Depending on whether you have carpet, polished concrete, linoleum, or hardwood floors, you may want to consider a wooden office chair with the right kind of legs or wheels for the surface material. Dual-wheel casters work better on carpeting, for example.


Should I get a desk chair with or without armrests?

It may depend on what feels comfortable for you and on what kind of work you're doing. You can sometimes get an idea of whether you'd prefer armrests or not by measuring how much space is available under your desk and how far back from the desk you usually sit.

What's the most comfortable wooden desk chair?

As far as comfort goes, some of the original ergonomic designs found on many stylish wooden desk chairs are hard to beat. Your personal favorite will likely depend on your seating posture, your height, and how much space you have around your desk.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

It depends on what your goals are and what kind of office space you have. An expensive office chair can add unmistakable design and taste cues, as well as provide long-lasting durability.

What type of chair is best for office work?

We recommend a chair that allows you to find a natural, comfortable seating position and avoid repetitive strain. When it comes to comfort, some people may prefer harder or softer cushions, or a higher backrest or adjustable lumbar tension. Matching the chair's height or range of height adjustment with your available space and desk height is also important.
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