Best Earbuds for PS4 in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Plenty of action-packed games on Sony’s PlayStation 4 have incredible sounds and effects. But if you don’t have the best gaming headset you can afford, most of the audio experience will be lost. So, if you’re looking for the best earbuds for PS4, you want a set that is versatile with excellent audio quality. That way, you can listen to your favorite music when you’re not in-game.

Comfort is another essential feature. Earbuds should fit snugly yet comfortably in your ear canal, making it easier to get through those long play sessions. High-quality earbuds will make you feel as if you are on the battlefield thanks to rumbling bass, or behind the steering wheel of a race car where you can clearly hear every gear change.

So, do you really need earbuds for PS4? The short answer: absolutely. Keep reading to find out how to select the best model.

Top Earbuds for PS4

 #1  Turtle Beach Battle Buds TBS-4002-01 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has an on-the-cord controller with a multifunction button for quick access to a variety of settings. It has a highly sensitive detachable mic that captures crisp vocals

  • Remarkable detachable mic
  • In-line controls with a multifunction button
  • Lightweight construction
  • Lacks noise cancellation tech
  • Lacks surround sound

Designed for enthusiast gamers, the Turtle Beach Battle Buds TBS-4002-01 gaming headset has unique features. It has 10mm speakers that render the full range of audio frequencies, delivering thunderous bass and sharp, high notes. This headset is designed for Nintendo Switch but is also compatible with PS4 and PS5. It has a remarkably lightweight body that minimizes ear fatigue. With a 3.5mm plug, this headset offers compatibility with PC. However, this model lacks noise-canceling tech.

This Turtle Beach Battle Buds TBS-4002-01 gaming headset has multifunction inline controls, allowing users to change the volume and mute the microphone. The device also features a multifunction button for accessing a variety of frequently used functions on compatible devices. This model has a highly sensitive microphone to enhance communications in Esports. The mic is detachable, so users can get it out of the way when listening to music. The headset comes with three sizes of ear-tips and stabilizers, offering a universal fit.

 #2  Sony Playstation 4 Mono Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This Playstation 4 earbud has an innovative one-sided design that allows users to enjoy gameplay without completely blocking out ambiance sound. It features in-line controls with a mute button for convenience.

  • Innovative single-sided design
  • In-line controls with a mute button
  • Colorful appearance
  • Not as immersive as two-sided models
  • Struggles on PS5 and other modern consoles

The Sony Playstation 4 Mono gaming headset is a wired model that allows users to balance auditory immersion and spatial awareness. This gaming headset is precisely engineered for PS4, so it integrates easily with PlayStation systems. A long cord enables users to sit well away from the video game console. This headset features a brilliant blue and black color scheme, making a lasting impression. However, this mono headset doesn’t provide the kind of immersive experience associated with dual-sided earbuds.

This mono earbud has in-line controls for hassle-free operation. It has a high-quality mic that’s sensitive to the human voice, enhancing in-game communication. Featuring a mono design, the earbud helps users to enjoy gameplay without clouding out the sounds from the ambient environment. This headset is lightweight, providing comfort during lengthy gaming sessions. We like the plug-and-play design, which allows users to connect to various devices without installing firmware.

 #3  Bengoo G16 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: These earbuds have a removable noise-canceling microphone that refines the user’s voice for enhanced in-game communication. It has an anti-winding cable, which resists tangling.

  • Outstanding noise-canceling mic
  • Vibrant blue color
  • Anti-tangling cord
  • A bit too bass-heavy for some people

The Bengoo G16 gaming headset has a stylish blue finish that makes a bold statement. This model has a powerful omnidirectional microphone that captures sound from all directions. These earbuds have a noise-canceling mic, so they’ll appeal to people who play in noisy environments. We love the fact that the mic is detachable, so users can remove it as needed. In addition to PS4, this device is compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. However, this model is too bass-heavy for some people.

This headset has high-quality in-line controls for adjusting volume and muting. Featuring full-power 10mm drivers, these earbuds deliver gameplay-optimized sounds with rich bass. These buds are very lightweight, so they can be transported easily. With an anti-winding cable, this model resists tangling. The ergonomic 45-degree oblique earplugs and soft shark fin buds conform to the human ear for comfort. Featuring three pairs of different earplug sizes, these earbuds offer a universal fit.

 #4  Innens Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: These earbuds have formfitting earplugs that prevent sound from escaping, providing an immersive experience. They feature in-line controls with a multifunction button for engaging select phone functions.

  • Incredible audio quality
  • L-type plug
  • Multifunction button.
  • Comes with just two earhook and silicone tip sizes

The Innens gaming headset works with a wide range of devices, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It produces deep bass, delivering thunderous in-game sounds that add fun to the gameplay. The mic on this headset has advanced sound detection technology, distinguishing the positions of various sounds in a 360-degree plane. This headset has an L-type plug that is especially suited for use with smartphones. However, this headset may not fit some people with only two ear hooks and silicone tip sizes.

Ergonomic earhooks secure the headset without irritating the skin. The earplugs are designed to mimic the shape of the human ear, providing comfort. Featuring a lightweight design, these earbuds are comfortable to wear and easy to transport. The plugs have a formfitting design that prevents sound from leaking into the microphone. This headset has in-line controls for muting and adjusting the volume. It also features a multifunction key for controlling select functions on cell phones.

 #5  HP H150 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This HP headset has a unique design with a black/blue color scheme that adds elegance to any game room. The device has handy in-line controls for adjusting the volume and receiving calls easily.

  • Superb in-line controls
  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Lacks mute function
  • Mediocre cord material

The HP H150 gaming headset is an in-ear earbud model designed to provide a hypnotic gaming experience on the go. This headset works with PS4, Nintendo Switch, and a selection of other platforms. It has powerful 10mm woofer drivers that deliver powerful sounds to enhance the gaming experience. The buds are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours. This headset has a sophisticated design with a blue and black color scheme. However, this model lacks a mute function.

This HP device has a 3.5mm plug for hassle-free connection to a variety of devices. The mic on this model rotates 360 degrees, allowing users to adjust it as needed. It’s also detachable, so users can get it out of the way when listening to music. Featuring in-line controls, this device allows users to control the volume and hang up calls easily. This microphone has built-in noise-canceling tech for clarity.

 #6  Geekria EJL21-01 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset brings deep bass and surround sound to enhance gameplay. It has excellent in-line controls with a multifunction button for answering and ending phone calls.

  • Impressive in-line controls
  • Refreshing white appearance
  • Great compatibility
  • In-line mic
  • The in-line controller only works with iOS devices

The Geekria EJL21-01 gaming headset has a vibrant white palette that adds an aura of freshness to any gaming setup. It has a 3.5mm plug, offering compatibility with platforms ranging from PS4 to Xbox One and PC. Featuring a 3.9-foot cord, this headset offers flexibility during gaming. It has excellent in-line controls that enable users to adjust volume easily. However, the in-line mic is not as effective as boom-type microphones on other earbud models.

Equipped with a high tensile strength cord that features copper wires and a TPE cover, this Geekria EJL21-01 gaming headset provides excellent conductivity and durability. It delivers surround sounds to optimize auditory immersion. This headset delivers solid bass, enhancing gameplay. These buds are remarkably lightweight, so they are suitable for jogging. They feature ergonomic earplugs that fit a wide variety of people. The gaming headset also has a multifunction button for answering and rejecting calls.

Beginners Guides to Earbuds for PS4

What are earbuds for PS4?

While serving the same purpose as traditional headphones, earbuds work slightly differently. Where over-the-ear or on-ear headphones cover the entire structure of your ear, the much smaller earbuds fit snugly inside the ear canal. In most cases, the snug fit prevents other sounds from entering, effectively blocking out noise. However, keep in mind that you can always find a great Xbox One headset if you’re not a PS4 fan.

Just like earbuds for Xbox One, earbuds for PS4 can be either wireless through Bluetooth or have a thin cable that connects them to the controller. Wired earbuds are better for long hours of gaming, as there is no battery power to contend with. It’s important to remember, though, that not all Bluetooth earbuds are compatible with the PS4. Unless they are made specifically to work with the console, you’ll probably need a special dongle to connect them.

Although, if you’re playing on PC, you’ll want the top-rated headsets for Fortnite or great audiophile gaming headphones instead.

Earbuds for PS4 Vs. Gaming Headsets

Despite all the differences between earbuds for gaming and gaming headsets, there are plenty of similarities as well. Any sound-producing device, whether it is a headset or earbuds, can connect to the PlayStation 4 controller, as long as it uses a 3.5mm connection.

But the most significant difference between the two is noticeable: the size. Gaming headsets have powerful audio drivers (or speakers, if you prefer), and the earcups come in various options. For example, over-the-ear encases the entire ear lobe, while open-back headphones allow air to pass through the cups.

Earbuds rest in the ear lobe, with the much smaller speakers pointing directly into the ear canal. Due to their size, they are convenient to carry around and store safely. And in many cases, they produce the same quality sound as gaming headsets do.

So, if you’re ready to start comparing sets, check out the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 vs Sony Pulse 3D.

How Earbuds for PS4 Work

The PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller has been designed to accept any earbuds or headphones as long as they have a 3.5mm connector. Almost all wired headphones or earbuds will have this connection, so it’s generally not something that you need to seek out.

When you hold the PS4’s controller in a normal position, you’ll notice that there is a small audio port between the thumbsticks. There may or may not be a headphones icon, but that is where the earbud cable will be plugged into.

Not only does this allow the game’s sound to be heard through the connected earbuds, but it also functions as the chat connection port. Using earbuds or a headset with a built-in microphone will allow you to talk to other players.

Why Should You Buy New Earbuds for PS4?

If you already own a pair of earbuds for the PS4, you might be wondering why you would need a new pair. Depending on the age of your current setup, developments in sound production often lead to better-sounding accessories.

Dolby Atmos has become increasingly popular with earbuds and headphone manufacturers, a surround sound technology that has only been used for nine years. But with that said, only the PS4 Pro supports Dolby Atmos for compatible Blu-ray movies, but not games.

Are Earbuds for PS4 Worth Buying?

  • Better sound than Sony’s bundled pair: The sound quality of earbuds is often clearer than traditional headphones, and they are easy to store. If earbuds are your preferred audio device, you’ll definitely want to replace the headset that comes with the console. Keep in mind, too, that the single earbud you can purchase is only capable of mono sound (not stereo) as there is only one speaker. That isn’t sufficient if you want an immersive gaming experience, as you’ll essentially only hear sounds in one ear.
  • They are compatible with other devices: Because they use the near-universal 3.5mm connection, it means that you aren’t limited to using them just on your PlayStation 4.

Why earbuds for PS4 May Not Be For You

  • Earbuds’ design can make them uncomfortable: Many gamers prefer over-the-ear or on-ear headphones as they tend to be more comfortable for long durations. Due to their small size and their fit inside the ear canal, earbuds could produce an uncomfortable sensation.
  • Moisture build-up is a real problem: There tends to be moisture build-up when using earbuds for a long time. This will create irritation in the ear canal, which can turn into a medical issue.

How Long will Earbuds for PS4 Last?

If you take care of them, earbuds should last around three years. The biggest cause of wired earbuds malfunctioning comes from loose wires when pulled on with force. Wireless earbuds usually start to give problems when the rechargeable batteries reach their end-of-life cycle, about three to four years.

How to Choose Earbuds for PS4

Picking up a pair of earbuds might seem like a simple thing to do, but various factors will have an impact on your enjoyment. It’s imperative that you choose the right ones as you’ll be deeply disappointed if they are not what you were expecting. For the most part, the choice of which earbuds to get will be down to personal preference, but even then, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider.

Earbuds for PS4 Key Factors

1. Does audio quality matter to you?

For most gamers, the quality of their headphones or earbuds is paramount. A clear auditory experience can enhance your gameplay by listening to every sound, song, or conversation. Generally, all earbuds will have an audio range between 20 to 20,000 Hz, as that is the limit of the human ear. But other audio devices go below and above that. There are plenty of high-end earbuds available, but also many mid-tier or entry-level models. If you just want to hear general sounds, then simple, average-quality earbuds will be perfect.

2. What is your budget?

With the sound quality, determine your budget for PS4 earbuds. You might want to evaluate the cost and features if you can’t find anything within the range. Also, keep in mind that the best quality earbuds for the PS4 aren’t necessarily the most expensive. There is no need to go over your budget just because the earbuds are from a popular brand or used by other gamers.

3. Do you want to use the earbuds with other devices?

The great thing about earbuds for the PS4 is that you can use them with other devices that have a 3.5mm jack. If you want to use earbuds for mobile gaming, look for a pair that will also complement that device. If not, it could be better to look at earbuds made specifically for use with the PS4.

4. Which tips are best suited for your ears?

You might not be aware of it, but earbuds come in different-sized ear tips. The right size is crucial as it will affect the sound quality and comfort when using them. Most often, when you buy a pair, several sizes will be included in the packaging. While those are technically spare tips, they range in size from small to medium. Determine which size is better suited for your ears. You can buy others online if your earbuds don’t come with extra plastic caps.

5. Do you want wired or wireless earbuds?

Not having to deal with cables and wires when playing games is a great feeling. There is nothing that gets in the way or distracts from the action. Wired earbuds can be used on all PlayStation consoles, but your options are limited if you want to go the wireless route. The only PS4 console that supports wireless earbuds is the PS4 Pro.

Earbuds for PS4 FAQs

How do you connect earbuds to the PlayStation 4?

Connecting a pair of earbuds to the PlayStation 4 is rather simple. At the end of the earbuds cable, you’ll see the 3.5mm male plug. Take the PS4 controller, and plug the end of the earbuds cable into the small hole between the thumbsticks. You might want to give it a little push to make sure that it goes in all the way. You should hear a slight ‘click’ sound or be able to feel that a connection has been made. That is all you need to do! To disconnect the earbuds, simply pull the cable out of the controller.

Are earbuds good for gaming?

The sound quality of earbuds is perfect for gaming, whether that is on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, or mobile devices. Since they sit closer to the eardrum than other headsets, sounds will be clear and sharp. That also helps to reduce ambient noise that can distract from your gaming experience. Unlike a wired headset, they also don't need to be charged.

How do you prevent discomfort when using earbuds?

Earbuds are somewhat notorious for causing some discomfort when used for a long period. This can be due to incorrect tips being used or moisture build-up. When that happens, you’ll feel that your ear canal becomes sweaty, and there could be some moisture on the tips themselves. Make sure that the earbuds and the tips fit correctly in your canal, and vent your ears every so often in between gaming sessions. This will help to regulate the temperature and prevent moisture from forming.

Are there any earbuds available that use 7.1 surround sound?

Unfortunately, there are no earbuds that are capable of 7.1 surround sound. In fact, no earbuds have surround sound. Since there is only space for one small speaker in each earbud, it is impossible to incorporate more without increasing the size. All earbuds, by default, will produce stereo sound, but specialized software can digitally produce a surround sound experience.

Can you use PS4 earbuds on the Xbox One console?

Yes, you can. Unless the earbuds have been made specifically for the PS4 console, then you can use them on your Xbox One as well. The connection method is identical to connecting them to the PlayStation by inserting the 3.5mm plug into the headphones jack on the Xbox One controller.

Do you need a separate microphone when using earbuds on the PS4?

That will depend on several factors, but for the most part, wired earbuds should have an in-line microphone. It is best to check the features before buying earbuds if you require a mic, as the DualShock 4 controller doesn’t have a microphone built-in. The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, on the other hand, does have a microphone built into the underside of the controller. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to use the DualSense controller on a PlayStation 4.
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