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Best Balance Ball Chair in 2023 (September Reviews)

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Choosing the best office stability chair could mean the difference between a slouched back and an active, engaged core to improve alertness and concentration on tasks. Our evaluation focused on weight capacity, height, shape (rounded ball vs. stool), size, safety, and type of material. We also focused on auxiliary features such as hand pumps and/or foot pumps.

After more than 17 hours of research, our top pick goes to the Gaiam Office Stability Chair. This chair delivers the goods with a generous height range, non-slip vinyl, and 300-pound weight capacity. Keep reading to learn more about this unit and other top-quality office chairs.

Top 7 Best Balance Ball Chairs

 #1  Gaiam Office Stability Chairs


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best balance ball chair, featuring a wide height range (5″ to 5’11”) with a durable, 52 cm exercise ball. It is a great choice for people who want to feel more energized when working.

  • Very durable build quality
  • Compatible with leg extenders
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Takes more than 24 hours to properly inflate
  • Some users reported minor deflating issues

We really like this office stability chair’s construction, which uses firm durable textured vinyl that feels sturdy and well supported. While researching, we felt this Gaiam Balance Ball Chair work our core muscles and our thighs were better engaged with a heightened sense of alertness. Bonus points for its included desktop guide with colorful illustrations on various stretches that could be performed while sitting down. We can totally imagine ourselves throughout a long and stressful workday.

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This office stability chair has an ergonomic back support pad and optional leg extenders, which can add two inches of height to the chair. Thin metal bars keep the ball firmly on the chair’s base. At no point did we feel like falling off the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair due to a lack of support. You can also try the best standing desk converters for the office.

 #2  PharMeDoc Office Stability Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This office stability chair comes with a removable back and is a great choice for people who want to alternate between more or less back support to work on their core strength.

  • Rear support can easily be taken out to improve core strength
  • Very durable
  • Comes with a hand pump
  • Takes 24 hours to inflate in full
  • May be too short for some desks
  • Some users reported issues with front wheels locking prematurely

This office stability chair feels really sturdy. Its textured, 52 cm vinyl exercise ball does not feel too firm or too loose, providing some relief from back pain and helping with better posture. Lockable wheels also keep it firmly in place. Plus, it has a removable backrest, which can lead to even more core muscle activation.

We like this office stability chair’s versatility. Its exercise ball can be removed altogether for double duty during workouts. Some might prefer the best standing desk chairs, but this gives you a nice workout.

 #3  Trideer Office Stability Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best balance ball chair for a tall person, featuring an impressive anti-burst rating (2200 pounds) and sizing from 38 cm to 85 cm.

  • Best on a budget
  • Great for tall person
  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Flimsy pump
  • Some users reported color misrepresentation

This office stability chair ball is very durable. It is also non-slip with textured ridges for comfort. While researching, our buttocks, and back felt well supported with no slippage, even when crossing our legs against the desk. Bonus points for being non-toxic and BPA-free, a common plastic additive that has been known to cause serious health defects.

We like that this office stability chair also comes with a foot pump and 2 air stoppers. We find the foot pump a lot easier to operate than hand pumps which require more leg work. This makes it a winner in our book. The best day planner is another must-have office accessory.

 #4  Safco Products Zenergy Office Stability Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best balance ball stool, with 360-degree swiveling and Greenguard certification. It is a great choice for classrooms and group activities where focusing attention on different people is needed.

  • Most eco friendly
  • Greenguard-certified
  • Includes air pump & easy to clean
  • High cost
  • No wheels
  • May be too short for some people (20″ and 23″)

This 52cm office stability chair is shaped like a fat teardrop (as opposed to rounded like our first 4 picks). It is very durable with a 250-pound weight capacity and effortless swiveling. While researching, we felt our spine and buttocks supported with no jerking or swaying. Not too firm or too plush – just enough for good core engagement.

We like that this office stability chair is Greenguard-certified, which is a distinction offered to products that adhere to emissions requirements, including being tested for more than 1000 chemicals. Consider this a winner for children’s spaces. It works well with the best sit-stand desk.

 #5  Vivora Luno Office Stability Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best balance ball chair for heavy people, featuring a 400-pound weight limit and a nice carry handle for easy portability.

  • Can support up to 400-pounds
  • Easy to use & portable
  • Cushy, felt material
  • No base
  • May be too small for some desks

This office stability chair is made of plush felt material, which ‘grips’ hard floors and carpeting really well for a sturdy feel. It comes in two sizes (65 cm and 75 cm) and is also very durable with an inner PVC ball that is neither too firm nor too cushy. While researching, we felt our core muscles engaged and found our lower backs arched higher than usual, which helps improve our overall seating posture.

We love this office stability chair’s side carry handle, which makes it very easy to carry around. This is especially useful when carrying around large gyms or shared between people. Kudos for its included hand pump which is compatible with a bike adapter to make it easier to fill. Compare it to the best office stool that offers a firm and comfortable vinyl surface with 6 inches of height adjustability and ample support, including a back cushion and sturdy wheel casters.

 #6  Isokinetics Inc. Office Stability Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This ball chair comes with large 2.5″ wheels and a backrest. It is a great choice for people who want a portable chair that stows away easily (e.g. when used with a standing desk).

  • A great complement to a standing desk
  • Large wheels
  • Adjustable backrest
  • So-so pump quality
  • Hard plastic backrest could be a bit more comfortable

This Isokinetics inc. adjustable fitness ball chair works with all body types with a 300-pound weight capacity and adjustable backrest. At its maximum size, it expands to 52 cm, which provides more than enough seating space. Though its backrest is height adjustable, we wish it were cushioned and not made of hard plastic.

We like this office stability chair’s 2.5″ wheels, which glide and roll smoothly on hard floors. This can work very well in a shared workspace with frequent moving from desk to desk. And it’s a great addition to a standing desk, since it can easily be moved out of the way. Plus, lockable wheels keep it firmly in place. Use this with the best portable desk.

 #7  TKO Stability Office Stability Chair


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best fitness office chair, coming in three sizes (55 cm, 65 mm, and 75mm) with a very detailed workout chart. It is a great choice for beginners looking to replace their traditional desk chairs.

  • 3 size options available
  • Great for beginners
  • Includes hand pump
  • Takes a long time to inflate (30+ min)
  • Air pump could be of better quality

We like this office stability chair’s firmness and textured with ridged lines for grip. While researching, sitting on it while typing felt very comfortable. We noticed our core muscles automatically engaged, which made us straighten our backs and dip our shoulders back by default.

We also appreciate a detailed workout chart with illustrations on how to perform basic exercise ball moves, such as pelvic lifts, trunk curls, and heel raises. Bonus points for being very easy to clean, needing only soap and water with a quick dry.

How We Decided

In determining the best office stability chair to buy that will replace more traditional office chairs in the office, we explored safety, weight capacity, materials, and height. Plus, we looked at features that promoted good posture.

Our favorite office stability balls are made of non-toxic and BPA-free material, which is safe for use by humans. Kudos for Greenfield-certified products like the Safco ProductsZenergy Office Stability Chair which is held to high emission standards.

In terms of material and durability, we recommend our #6 pick Vivora Luno Office Stability Chair for its cushy felt material and textured/ridged vinyl chairs like the #3 Trideer Office Stability Chair for a strong non-slip feel. All are tear and burst-resistant, even when performing heavy compound exercises on them.

Weight capacity is very important. Aim for a minimum weight capacity of 250 pounds, which should fit most average-sized adults. Heights should be a minimum of 52 cm (except the Zenergy Office Stability Chair for young children) which should fare well with most standard-size desks. Plus, don’t forget to look at the wheels and base of the chair. Caster wheels can be made from rubber, plastic, nylon, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Lastly, we love long warranties. The longer the warranties, the more peace of mind with a promised repair or replacement in the event of any manufacturer defects. For that, the PharMeDoc Office Stability Chair and the Isokinetic Office Stability Chairs are clear winners.

Best Office Stability Chair Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Sizing
    For most average-sized people, we recommend a minimum seat height of 52 cm, except for the Safco Products Zenergy Office Stability Chair, which is designed for kids. This should fare well with most desk heights and create comfortable positioning. Other options include a Gaiam Balance ball chair stool, an adjustable desk stool, and a chair without wheels.
  2. Non-toxic and BPA-free Material
    We appreciate office stability chairs that are free of chemicals that can cause health defects. Look for non-toxic BPA-free products. The Safco Products Zenergy Chair is a shining example. Its Greenfield certification is a seal of approval for being free of 1000+ chemicals, making it great for children.
  3. Material
    Our favorite material is textured or ridged PVC, which holds up well and retains its shape, even with everyday use or doubling as workout balls. It should also offer a minimum burst resistance of 2000 pounds in the event it is used more for compound exercise-focused workouts. Unfortunately, you won’t find high-quality materials with office chairs priced under $100.
  4. Inflation
    We prefer office stability chairs with included hand or foot pumps. If they can work with bicycle adapters, that is even better. Note, that many of these chairs need to be inflated and stand for up to 24 hours before filling it again to its maximum size. This helps it “stretch” better so that it can reach its final size.

    Other chair alternatives include standing desk chairs and office chair accessories, like pillows and armrests to make the chair much more comfortable.

Office Stability Chair FAQs

Do balance ball chairs really work?

Yes, we feel balance ball chairs do an excellent job of activating core muscles, improving back posture, and increasing alertness with everyday tasks. Sitting on a traditional office or desk chair can encourage slouching positions and diminished posture over time. It is a good choice to alternate between the two for the best comfort levels.

Is sitting on an exercise ball good for your back?

Yes, exercise balls or yoga balls, as they can be referred to, are good for your back by engaging the muscles that surround your spine. It also helps build core strength. However, we do not recommend sitting on exercise balls for long periods, as it could cause stress to your lower back and spine. Look to alternate use with traditional office chairs or desk chairs for maximum comfort. For maximum comfort and support, alternate the best balance ball chairs with the best ergonomic chair.

How much weight can a stability ball hold?

All of the picks on our list have a minimum weight capacity of 250 pounds, which should cover most average-sized adults.

Are balance balls good for office?

Yes. Whether you work in an office or have a home office at your house, we find balance balls a great way to increase alertness, especially for repetitive computer tasks. It also helps with core activation and correcting posture. As none of our picks are an exercise ball chair with arms, energy is distributed to the core muscles. Over time, you will find these muscles develop, reducing fatigue and sitting you sit on exercise balls for a longer period.

What are some other popular brands?

We also like the Luxfit ball chair. Although it did not meet our rigid criteria, we like it for its above average 300-pound weight capacity, optional backrest.

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