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Updated June 27, 2022
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Coming with a physical device instead of just an online platform like the Vonage VOIP or Jive, the Ooma VOIP is a sleek and compact device that looks pretty nice for a landline substitute. Having an easy setup process, free phone calls, great and simple plans for you to choose from as well as a number of different features ranging from call screening, call forwarding and HD calling for better sound, the Ooma VOIP stands out to potentially be the best VOIP for many of you out there. And so, without waiting any longer let’s see what more this device can do.

Ooma Voip
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Why We Like It – Ooma Voip

One upping the landline industry, Ooma brings to you the new VOIP technology in it’s Ooma Telo which allows you to make free local calls as well as toll-free calls with ease and no monthly fees. It makes sure you have the best experience of a VOIP with the many bluetooth Wi-Fi features and apps that are available. And paired with a number of services like voicemail via email, call screening, call forwarding as well as a call log history, the Ooma VOIP may just be the next best investment for your home phone expenses.

  • Great call quality
  • Well designed online portal and mobile app
  • Free calls apart from the tax fee
  • Many of the features require you to pay for the premium service with a monthly payment


Beginning with the basic VOIP services offered by the Ooma Telo you get a machine that connects to your Wi-Fi or router and allows you to make calls both local and international with the same, if not better quality than a landline phone. The calls are absolutely free from any charges from Ooma and you get easy controls for receiving and cutting a call through either a different handset or IP phone that you buy, or even your own mobile phone. However, the calls are still subject to taxes, and Ooma VOIP providers will charge a certain amount for international calls. But to make the entire process a whole lot easier, Ooma offers a number of plans for you to choose from in order to make a more informed and efficient investment.

To start off you get the basic service plan which simply includes making calls through the Wi-Fi instead of a phone line, that too free of charge apart from the state imposed taxes, call log history and voicemail. But in order for you to get the more functional features like call screening, call forwarding to a second phone, voicemail via email, as well as a Do Not Disturb mode, you must get the Ooma premier service which takes a $10 basic phone service fee per month. As for making international calls, you can also choose to get the World Plan which makes international calling possible for up to 61 countries.

Moreover, when it comes to functionality of the Ooma system in terms of a VOIP phone or rather a internet phone, you get an HD voice quality which is much better than the landline phone you may have been using months ago. You can either set it up by connecting it to your broadband router, or get the additional WiFi dongle for wireless connectivity, install the mobile app and set the settings through the online platform. For receiving the calls you can also opt to get the Ooma Air which includes a bluetooth adapter allowing you to receive calls directly through your phone or a wireless handset. Furthermore, the Ooma phone app also allows you to set a multi-ring setting that will make for better flexibility, ringing both cell phones and any other devices on the second line you may have connected to the Ooma device.

As for setting the phone number you can port any of your existing phone number over to Ooma or get a new number from the Telo Ooma office. You can also set up a Caller ID through Ooma’s online dashboard. But unfortunately you don’t get any form of a desktop app for controlling the settings.


The device itself measures to be about 8.9 x 3 x 8.3 inches in size and black in colour. It doesn’t really take up that much space or stand out in terms of its look. Overall it’s a pretty nice substitute to your old landline service without the hassle of wires if you get the wireless versions. And like many other VOIP home phone services, the Ooma Telo device comes with an easy to use and control app as well as an online dashboard. You do however miss out on a desktop app for receiving calls on your laptop or desktop.


Priced at about $70 for the device itself and $9.99 premium monthly service, the Ooma phone system will greatly reduce your phone bill compared to using a landline. And while the premium Ooma service is most certainly more beneficial and something most people would recommend, you can still just go with the free of cost basic plan if you feel like it. Just know that you would still have to pay a state-imposed tax in the US. And if you face any form of troubles in operating or setting up the new phone Ooma Telo, you can always contact the customer service who are known to be super helpful.

Ooma Voip Wrap Up

While the Ooma Telo isn’t an online based platform like the RingCentral VOIP, it still provides you with all the features you may need in a home phone system. Ranging from call screening to forwarding calls to you cell phones, the Ooma Telo does it all, that too while offering you a basic plan with no monthly cost. And so unless you’re someone who needs a VOIP service for a business, the Ooma Telo may just be the perfect substitute for your landline or even your cellphones, at least for taking calls at home.