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The Skintegrity Wound Cleanser is the best antibacterial spray to use on wounds & injuries. You can use it to clean infected cuts, rashes, bedsores, as well as many other types of wounds. The spray top offers both stream and mist options, so you can adjust your technique to your injury. For less than $14 you can effectively clean your wounds at home.

Why We Like It – Medline Skin Integrity Wound Cleansers

The Medline Skintegrity Wound Cleanser is a cheap but effective product that’s specifically formulated to gently clean any type of wound you may have. The spray bottle can be used in mist or stream mode, so you can adjust the stream delivery for different injuries.

  • For Use On A Wide Variety of Wound Types
  • Non Cytotoxic
  • Spray Top Has Multiple Stream Delivery Modes
  • Poor Packaging May Lead to Leakage
  • Some Users Report A Burning Sensation


This antibacterial wound cleaner will work perfectly for most applications. Although some wounds, such as serious burns, might be better left to a doctor’s care, for most situations this cleaner will be adequate. You can use it on both infected and non-infected wounds, full or partial thickness wounds (cuts), bruises, and many other common injuries. However, some wounds, such as cracked feet, may be easier to treat if using a specific spray for that injury (such as Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer and Foot Spray). A few users have complained of a burning sensation, but this is not a common reaction.


The bottle and label design of this spray have a “heavy-duty” look. Unlike Shibari Advanced Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, which only has a single spray mode, this medical cleaner offers both a mist & a stream mode for the spray top, which gives it a design advantage over many other wound sprays. The label itself is black, with a green band and white text. It lists uses (“Gently Cleanses Wounds”) and features (“Non-Ionic Surfactant” & Physiologically-compatible”) on the front of the bottle. It’s not a pretty design, but it is effective nonetheless.


Considering the wide variety of wounds that this cleaner can be used on, it is definitely worth the $13.98 price tag. For that price, you get 16 oz. of antibacterial cleaning spray that can be used for many common injuries such as bed sores or bruises. Although you technically could use it for a surface cleaner as well, you would be much better off using CleanSmart Disinfectant Spray if you need a multi-purpose cleaner since CleanSmart can be used on a variety of non-wound surfaces.

Medline Skin Integrity Wound Cleansers Wrap Up

Medline Skintegrity Cleaner is a great purchase if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution to cleaning common wounds. Unfortunately, spills and leaks of this product are somewhat common during transit, but most people won’t run into these issues. Instead, they’ll be enjoying easy wound cleaning for months (or years!) to come with this simple spray cleaner.

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