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Updated: Feb 14, 2024 4:12 PM
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Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection offers a wide number of extended warranties, insurance plans, and protection services for any items that have been purchased by consumers at the store. Some consumers may be wondering if it is worth signing up for one of these plans for your new computer monitor.

Key Takeaways_

  • Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers a number of robust extended warranty plans to suit a variety of consumers.
  • The most robust plan available will automatically replace a device no matter the issue that has arisen.
  • The company also offers extended warranties for large items, such as computer monitors and laptops.

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Geek Squad Protection Extended Warranty

The extended warranties and insurance plans offered by Geek Squad and Best Buy are fairly competitive, and the sheer number of retail locations available in the United States makes finding a repair center relatively easy.

Is Buying a Geek Squad Protection Plan Worth It?

Signing up for a Geek Squad plan could be worth it, depending on the consumer and the piece of electronics they are looking to have covered.

Generally speaking, Best Buy protection plans are broken down into three categories.

Product Replacement Plans

Geek Squad’s product replacement plans are particularly robust and are often a good choice for expensive items.

Old monitor and new monitor

When you purchase one of these plans, you can replace the item that has been covered with very little hassle.

The eligible item does not even have to suffer catastrophic failure, as Best Buy will even issue a replacement for relatively minor malfunctions.

Depending on the device, these plans will last anywhere from two to three years.

The cost also varies depending on the device, though will cost at least 20 percent of the item itself.

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Large Electronics Protection Plans

While not as robust as a full replacement plan, these extended warranties aimed at large pieces of electronics can certainly come in handy.

This kind of plan can be perfect for a consumer who has just purchased a brand new computer monitor, as these plans offer coverage for pixel burnout, burn-in repair, power surge repair, full parts, and labor coverage, and a one-time bulb replacement for projectors.

STAT: In its survey of about 100,000 people, Consumer Reports found only about five percent indicated that they experienced problems with their TVs from those major brands “by the third year of ownership.” (Source)

These plans also account for reinstallation and recalibration. The price of these plans varies depending on the initial cost of the item covered, but they can be on the expensive side.

Computer and Tablet Protection

The company offers a number of extended warranty plans for computers and tablets. These plans cover repairs for accidental damage and will furnish a replacement unit if necessary.

Laptop tablet and a phone

The only downside here is that these plans can be costly and may not be worth it if the laptop itself is on the cheaper side.

Geek Squad Protection Extended Warranty Questions (FAQ)

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