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Securing the top spot on our rankings for the best ergonomic kneeling chair is the Dragonn ergonomic kneeling chair, which is a top tier choice for users that would want to have and enjoy the benefits that come from reduced back pain and improved posture. For those that don’t know, using a kneeling chair allows you to improve your posture by sharing your body weight along your legs, knees and buttocks instead of focussing it on your lower back as a typical office chair would. If you’ve never tried an ergonomic kneeling chair before, then you might really be impressed by this Dragonn chair. Read on to find out what it’s got in store.

Why We Like It – DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Suitable for both your home office and the workplace, the Dragonn (by Vivo) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair comes with an angled seat that helps redistribute your weight across your body, and also helps alleviate back pain through improved posture.

  • 3-inch thick seat cushions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Front locking wheels
  • No armrests


You should really try out the Dragonn kneeling ergonomic chair if you’ve been having consistent back pain, and you’re not quite convinced that buying an expensive office chair with lumbar support might help solve the problem. By the very virtue of how you sit on it, kneeling chairs help you develop and get accustomed to a better posture, where your back is kept at an upright position at all times. The Sleekform Kneeling Chair is not really any different, and therefore the positive effects that you get from both chairs are quite similar and very much worthwhile.


The Dragonn kneeling chair boasts of a 3-inch thick cushion on both the seat and the knee rest, and this is vital because it means you’ll be able to sit on the chair for a lot longer before you start to feel like you need to stand up. Whether it’s more comfortable than the Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair depends on whether or not you prefer the knee rest to be made of 2 separate cushions or just one single one, but we guess to make that decision you just ought to try both for yourself.


The Dragonn Vivo ergonomic kneeling chair is just as height adjustable as the Sleekform Kneeling Posture Chair, so you shouldn’t have any problems with configuring it to your height & preferences. The Dragonn chair is adjusted by turning the knob on the metal rod that connects the seat and the base either left or right, and just so you know, the chair allows for a seat adjustable height of about 10 inches – this is just one of the factors that make it the best kneeling chair to go for.


As a chair that leaves your back fully in the open, even a mesh chair wouldn’t give you as much breathability as the Dragonn kneeling chair, and with it, you should never expect to doze off due to the warmth of your chair.


Available in either black or white, the Dragonn heavy duty kneeling chair has a weight capacity of about 250 pounds, meaning it should be able to support the weight of an average human being without breaking it down. The kneeling chair is also quite easy to assemble, and you won’t really need an extra hand in putting it together.

DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Wrap Up

This Dragonn kneeling chair(DN CH-K01B) might actually be the best solution to turn to especially if you don’t have the money to buy a chair that’s got advanced back support. At about $130, the chair is quite pocket friendly, so hop on over to Amazon and go ahead and see if you’ll make a purchase.

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