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Curved Monitor FreeSync Adaptive XG32VQ Review

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The ROG Strix XG32VQ monitor delivers a nice fusion of stunning visuals and eye protection for longer gaming sessions. As number 7 in the Best 1440p Monitor buying guide, this curved gaming monitor has great image quality and fast-moving visuals that can be viewed from all angles among other things.

Why We Like It – Curved Monitor FreeSync Adaptive XG32VQ

Unlike the Deco Gear 43″ curved ultrawide E-LED gaming monitor, The Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ curved monitor has a 32-inch panel to help make the experience flicker-free. It features ultra-low blue light filters, which provide eye care when the user views, or doesn’t view, the screen. For some added flair, it also has the option to light up.

  • High contrast ratio
  • Is adjustable in three ways
  • Supports G-Sync and FreeSync
  • No built-in speakers
  • Expensive


The ROG Strix XG32VQ features fast-moving visuals and brilliant image quality due to having adaptive sync FreeSync technology, and there are different GameVisual modes that the user can choose from in the settings. Like the Viotek GN32DB G-Sync ready monitor or the Viotek GN24CB curved 1440p monitor, the ROG Strix has a refresh rate of 144 Hz, is G-Sync compatible, has a low blue light option, and contains the VA panel to provide a high contrast ratio.

Alternatively, another G-Sync/FreeSync compatible monitor is this Acer Nitro VG272 HD gaming monitor, which you can learn more about in our write-up.


Like the Dell 27 Inch LED-lit monitor S2719DGF, the ROG Strix is adjustable in more ways than one: It can swivel, tilt, and is height adjustable. It contains Asus Aura Sync lighting, a feature controlled with Aura software that uses sRGB color to create beautiful visuals out of this curved monitor and any compatible peripheral devices. However, it weighs 21.16 lbs., which is very heavy for a modern computer monitor. Also, there are no built-in speakers.

Unlike the BenQ 35 LED curved EX3501R, which is lighter and has a very clean design overall. You can learn more in our review.


One thing that could make the monitor as expensive as it is is the lighting system and how customizable it is. While having so many features are fused together is impressive, there are cheaper, simpler gaming monitors with the same specifications and similar features, though they usually wouldn’t have the same level of customization. Just like you’d find in our write-up of the AOC G2460PF G-Sync monitor. Also, since the ROG Stirx XG32VQ monitor is heavy, the damage would more likely be noticeable if it were to be dropped or knocked off of a surface.

Curved Monitor FreeSync Adaptive XG32VQ Wrap Up

Through smooth performance and vibrant visuals, ROG Strix XG32VQ gives life to everything on the screen while providing eye protection and flicker-free experience. However, gaming monitors such as the Samsung 27 inch curved monitor LC27JG56QQNXZA are cheaper alternatives with similar specifications. The only major difference, aside from screen size, is the lack of a lighting feature.

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