Boss Office Products Ergonomic Kneeling Review

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Updated November 13, 2022
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Using a kneeling stool (or even a great office stool) may sound so foreign and out of the norm for most people, but if you’ve been suffering from consistent back problems for a long time now, then an ergonomic kneeling stool like the one from Boss Office might just be the best ergonomic kneeling chair to relieve strain from your back and help you sit comfortably again. The kneeling stool offers excellent ergonomic support, and once you get to using it long enough, you’ll start developing or even improving your upright posture. This Boss Office kneeling stool provides comfort to its users through its black leather material, and since its seat is able to reach a height of up to 25 inches, it just might also work as the best drafting chair to use. Read on to see how it stacks up against the best office chair.

Why We Like It – Boss Office Products Ergonomic Kneeling

This Boss Office Products Ergonomic Kneeling chair is a simple yet adjustable kneeling stool that is only available in the color black, and has a weight capacity of about 275 pounds. For a chair with a 500lb weight capacity, you’ll want to read our Big & Tall heavy-duty ergonomic executive office chair.

  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • Affordable
  • 6 Year Limited Warranty
  • Seat cushions not as thick


This Boss Office ergonomic kneeling stool offers excellent value for money, especially for users who wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on office chairs that offer lumbar support, but would still want to get rid of their back problems. The kneeling chair helps you move your hip forwards by aligning your back shoulders and neck to reduce the strain on your lumbar muscles. The ergonomic design of this kneeling chair is quite similar to that of the DRAGONN (by VIVO) Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, with the only exception being that the Boss Office kneeling stool offers a gas lift that allows for adjustable knee height.


Aside from the fact that this Boss ergonomic kneeling stool offers excellent ergonomic support, its black fabric seat and knee cushion are also pretty well padded, meaning you should be able to have a nice buffer against its black tubular steel frame. The padding is not as thick as what you’ll find on the Sleekform Kneeling Chair, but you should still be able to sit on it comfortably without any major issues. The black Boss chair’s excellent ergonomic support is also well suited to keep you in good balance, and its adjustable knee height allows for you to find the perfect seat height for you to work in.

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The pneumatic gas lift that this Boss ergonomic kneeling chair comes with is quite unique to a lot of other chairs found in its category. It presents a stark difference from chairs like the Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair which is completely non-adjustable. Despite this, the stool offers excellent ergonomic support for multiple-size users, as each new user will be able to use adjustable knee height and have the chair set to their preferred height. This seat height adjustment feature really makes the chair stand out from a lot of the other kneeling chairs in its category. The adjustable knee height allows for a more comfortable seating position, and that coupled with a seat depth of 13 inches and a seat width of 16.5 inches makes it possible to sit on the chair for long hours without getting necessarily tired.

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As with any kneeling stool, breathability is not a concern that you should have. Whenever you sit on one, your back remains fully exposed, and so there’s a free flow of air and therefore good air circulation.


Boss office products have always been known to maintain a high standard of quality whether you’re dealing with their office products, supplies, or even their chairs. This particular Boss Office kneeling chair is a testament to that high standard of quality, and it also comes with a 6-year limited warranty to back it up.

Boss Office Products Ergonomic Kneeling Wrap Up

The large majority of the customer reviews that have been left by customers who went ahead and bought the Boss Office kneeling chair have been positive, and this is thanks to its sturdy material metal, double wheel casters, easy adjustability, and ergonomic design.

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