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As number 3 in the best archery target buying guide, the field logic block classic archery target is a block target that offers a different way to catch and remove arrows. This big target bag has a different aspect of physics on its side other than just force due to the type of stuffing it has.

Why We Like It – Block Classic 22 Archery Target Review

These block targets use friction to stop arrows and to make it easier to remove those arrows. Its color scheme makes it easy to see in both close range archery and longer distances. It’s lightweight, has a handle for easy transportation, and can handle more than just the field point arrows.

  • Lightweight
  • High contrast colors
  • Easy arrow removal
  • two sided


Unlike the Longbow Archery 40cm & 80cm Targets, this target has stuffing to trap arrows. Due to this stuffing, this speedbag uses friction-generated heat to make the arrows easier to remove. It’s also because of the stuffing that it can handle both field point arrows and broadhead arrows. While there can be times when arrows can possibly be difficult to remove, they’ll be easier to remove when the target’s impacted area cools down.


Because the stuffing is layered, it stops arrows with field points and even arrows with broadhead tips. Like the Delta Mckenzie Speed Bag Archery Target, the block classic archery target is only a two sided archery target. Due to being 22 inches tall, it can be used for things such as hunting practice and smaller archery ranges. It’s also big enough to see from a distance due to its color scheme in addition to its size.


It’s expensive if you decide to purchase it on Amazon, but it’s cheaper on the company’s official website if you want this particular model of the block target, and you can use your email address to sign up for offers in case there are small discounts. On the official website, it’s only slightly less expensive than the morrell double 450fps archery target bag despite having noticeably less features. It’s more likely to last longer if the user avoids using arrows with broadhead tips, as they can make bigger holes than the field tip arrows.

Block Classic 22 Archery Target Review Wrap Up

Some customer reviews from the United States have stated that, like the four sided morrell double 450fps archery bag, field point arrows can be a little difficult to cleanly remove for this archery target, but it can be fixed. There can be a huge price difference between sellers, but at its lowest price, it’s worth the purchase, especially for a new customer who keeps in mind that it lasts longer using arrows with field tips.

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