These days, you can get pretty decent sound out of just about any TV that you buy, but if you really want the theater experience, you want to get a soundbar to take things up a notch.

The SBD1 Soundbar Delivers a Theater Experience

The SBD1 2.0 Channel 60W Wireless Soundbar looks like a good choice. This 36-inch 2.0 Channel Soundbar can operate as both a wired and wireless audio speaker for your TV or PC. It has all of the connections that you need for HDMI, Coaxial, Optical, AUX, and USB.

It’s made of aluminum alloy and weighs in at just 3.96 pounds. It boasts a frequency response of 40Hz – 20KHz, with Bluetooth 4.2. With this soundbar, your sound won’t just get louder, but also clearer. It packs in 6 full range speakers and 2 diaphragms, with 60W maximum power. As a bonus, the design is sleek too.

Your TV’s sub-par speakers will be replaced with deep rumbling lows and crystal clear dialog. Everything from action movies to romances will sound much better. Your video games will sound much more real too since you will hear every bit of the action. You’ll watch and play things that you already know and hear sounds that you have never heard before.

The SBD1 is a great choice for the living room, your game room or home theater. Another nice feature is that the SBD1 can automatically turn on or off depending on your TVs status. It will also remember the EQ mode that you have selected and automatically give you a moderate volume. No more turning your Tv on and having a jumpscare because someone left the volume up too high.

The SBD1 2.0 Channel 60W Wireless Soundbar Will Make All Of Your Movies Sound Better
This soundbar delivers.

Experience Your Movies The Way They Were Meant To Sound

Setup is straightforward and easy. Just plug your device in and use it. The SBD1 offers a great sound quality/price ratio. It would normally cost much more to get something that sounds this good in home theater speakers. You can get 40% off by buying it through Amazon or here with the coupon code: 30L9SPUW

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