Projector: Sony LSPX-P1

In the process of covering the latest home theater projectors reviews, for those prefer a more cinematic experience, we’ve noticed some significant growth in the mobile projector market. Part of the reason is that brands are starting to treat them less like a gimmick and more like a niche market that can solve very specific problems. One day they will be right up there with the best 4K projector.

Enter the LED Sony LSPX-P1, which seeks to do exactly this…if you can afford it.

This portable charge is firstly, movable but not super tiny, another trend that we’re noticing. It’s about the size of a home voice assistant like Google home and weighs around 5 pounds. You can perch it on a table, but you probably can’t carry it in your pocket. There is a battery, which allows you to freely move the device around, and it has enough juice to power a full-length movie.

Projector: Sony LSPX-P1 Art
This projector can produce some are, too!

Speaking of watching movies: The Sony LSPX-P1 only offers 720p resolution, but that’s okay. It’s designed for more up-close viewing anyway. The range is 22 to 80 inches, but you’ll probably be more comfortable with a closer viewing range that allows for greater clarity.

The brightness goes up to 100 lumens and, interestingly enough, there are built-in speakers that can provider quite a bit of sound on their own.

It’s no surprise, then that the unit can function as a Bluetooth speaker, an alarm clock, or just an art piece that projects friendly images on the wall. You can connect to the projector with a Wi-Fi connection, or use the HDMI ports for more complicated connections to computers.

The question is, does this model have a place in the modern home? We guess that depends on how you like your entertainment – and how much you can afford. The Sony LSPX –P1 is available for $998, which may be out of the range of some budgets…unless, of course, you’re willing to give up your TV in exchange for a portable movie device.

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