SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The SNAILAX Car Seat Massager has a heated seat with built in heat therapy so you can soothe aching muscles while you loosen them with the massager. The Amazon page makes it explicit that this is not a shiatsu massager, though, if your mind was going to that place. Check out our best car accessories list for more great options!

Why We Like It – SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion

The SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion targets your full back or individual areas which can be customized to your liking thanks to the six vibrating massage nodes. It also comes with a car adapter and a home adapter so you can use it in gridlock on your way home from work or on your office chair while at work.

  • Heated seat for heat therapy
  • Overheat protection and shut-off timer
  • Made from Memory Foam
  • No neck massager
  • Expensive
  • No Shiatsu Kneading

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The SNAILAX Back Massager Seat Cover allows you to target all massage areas at once (if you would like a full back massage) or to be individually selected by you for the best massage and ultimate comfort customized by you. The Massager Heating Pads target the back to give you gentle warmth to loosen tight and sore muscles and improve blood circulation.While the SNAILAX Product’s tools back thigh and back comfort, there doesn’t seem to be any options for your neck. But if back pain isn’t a problem for you on long road trips, consider the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets instead.


The SNAILAX Vibration Massager Back comes with six powerful vibrating massage motors to target all the areas of your back and thighs to relieve muscle pain, tension, and stress. The Massage Chair Pad also comes equipped with an auto shut-off timer and an overheating protection system for added safety. The massage seat cushion is made from a soft and cozy memory foam plush that is comfortable and feels nice on the body and the dual adjustable strap can go around an office chair or car seat to ensure it stays in place. You can also check out the Drop Stop Original Patented Filler to make sure things in your pocket stay in place too.


The SNAILAX Upper Back Lower Back massager is not a Shiatsu Massager, unfortunately, but it does still help to alleviate back pain according to customer reviews. The seat massager is expensive, retailing for $50.00 regular price on Amazon, but you might be able to get a sale price because of some available promotions on the Amazon page, and you qualify for free delivery. The beauty of the massage cushion is that it can be adapted for both home and car use. If you want to upgrade your car on a budget, though, check out the Charger Ainope Aluminum Charging Compatible.

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SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion Wrap Up

The SNAILAX Neck Back Massager is unfortunately named because there is no neck massager to speak of. Or at least the product description doesn’t outright state that it’s there. But there are still plenty of other features to love. It’s made from memory foam, so you know it’s comfortable, and it’s built-in overheat protection and auto shut-off keeps you safe.

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