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They say size matters. That’s definitely the case when it comes to high-end gaming monitors. The Samsung CHG90 comes in at 49-inches and 3840 x 1080 pixels. That’s the equivalent of two conventional 27-inch gaming monitor, which makes it far bigger than anything on our best 144Hz gaming monitor list. In this monitor review we’ll see what it’s all about.

Why We Like It – Samsung CHG90

The Samsung CHG90 is an ultra-wide monitor that delivers an immersive gaming experience. Its huge size and extensive list of features such as a high refresh rate and Freesync 2 technology make it perfect for people wanting the best gaming experience possible. And if you often video conferencing, then check out our review on Samsung’s VC240 24-inch monitor features a 5-megapixel camera and a massive price tag.

  • Huge screen size
  • High refresh rate of 144Hz
  • Fast 1m/s response time
  • Very Bulky
  • Screen shape not ideal for videos
  • No built-in speakers


When building this monitor Samsung went all out to give it excellent features like a low response time of just 1m/s, a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, and HDR support. It also has very high color accuracy thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology. Unlike the BENQ XL2730Z, this screen uses a VA panel instead of a TN. This means it delivers superior contrast ratio thanks to the vertical resolution. The Samsung CHG90 monitor also comes with Freesync 2 which synchronises with the graphics card for better gaming performance.


The design of the CHG90 is classy and elegant. The huge 49-inch curved screen steals the show with its huge presence. It has the usual adjustability for tilt and swivel, and height. There’s all the usual connection ports including two HDMI ports, a mini and a full size DisplayPort connector, three USB ports, and audio in and out headphone jacks. One of the downsides of this hulking beast is that you need to have adequate real estate on your desk or wall. For a smaller curved gaming monitor, the BenQ XR3501 is a brilliant alternative.


This screen is the same price as many gaming PC’s. It justifies its price by being in another league when it comes to size and features. You can actually think of it as having two smaller 27-inch screens. Because of its curved screen and unique aspect ratio, it puts you in the game more than other flat screens like the Acer Predator XB271HU. It also has low input lag and can display HDR content with ease. The Samsung CHG90 is a top of the range product and is worth the money.

Samsung CHG90 Wrap Up

The Samsung CHG90 is a monster of a screen that takes gaming to another level. The aspect ratio might not be ideal for watching videos, but it’s not meant for videos in the first place. It’s designed to compete with many of the best gaming monitors in terms of performance while blowing them away with its size.

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