Newsoul Portable Monitor Review

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Updated November 7, 2022
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The Portable Monitor, Upgraded 15.6″ IPS HDR 19201080 FHD Eye Care Screen USB C Gaming Monitor by Newsoul is a portable gaming monitor that you can take anywhere and plug in a device like a Nintendo switch or your phone. This device has multiple ports that will help you connect all your devices, and it even has speakers. It is on our list for the best HDR gaming monitor. Curious if it made our list for the best computer monitors around? Only one way to find out!

Why We Like It – Portable Monitor, Upgraded 15.6″ IPS HDR 19201080 FHD Eye Care Screen USB C Gaming Monitor

Newsoul’s Portable Monitor, Upgraded 15.6″ IPS HDR 19201080 FHD Eye Care Screen USB C Gaming Monitor is a great choice for a multitasker that uses their monitor for work or play purposes. It brings you an immersive experience through a sound design and expansive viewing angle, just like a great portable gaming monitor should. Additionally, you should learn what is USB-C before you buy this portable monitor.

  • 360 degree sound will immerse you into your content
  • FHD 1080p will provide crystal clear visuals
  • No touchscreen


This monitor will give you a full HD IPS experience with 1080p. If you’re unfamiliar with resolution terms like what an FHD monitor is, that means the total resolution on the screencaps at 1920×1080. If you would rather look at our most high-end monitors, you may be interested in the Philips 436M6VBPAB. The dual stereo speakers included in the monitors will save you money and immerse you more into your content. Or, opt for using noise-canceling headphones, which can also be used on the Lepow Portable Monitor.

Speaking of immersive gameplay, if you don’t require a portable monitor but still want the HD experience, you may want to read our review about the Omen X 27 240Hz 1ms gaming monitor.

Viewing Angle

Just as you’ll find in our write-up of the BenQ GW2280 Eye Care monitor, this Newsoul monitor gives you a full viewing angle of 178 degrees. The screen display size is a solid 15.6 inches with a 1080p IPS screen. The eye car technology will ensure that your eyes don’t strain as much as they usually would, which will help you last a bit longer on the screen if needed. Learn more about how to adjust your monitor settings if you want to manually improve the visuals on your monitor, like what is good monitor contrast for your eyes. If you prefer the leading HDR monitors to include eye care technology, another great product you may want to check out is the BenQ EW3270U PS4 Pro.

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It includes a smart cover smart case that is made with a PU leather exterior to protect your investment from harm. Like with any monitor, you want to exercise caution with the amount of time you have this monitor on, and always make sure that you do not expose it to any wet environment. Also in regards to the speakers, the more you have them on full blast the more they are bound to burn out so be wary of how you use them.

Regular care is necessary for any electronic device, including how to reduce glare on a monitor, so you won’t harm your eyes or damage the screen beyond repair.


This monitor fully supports USB type C support, and HDMI ports to use at your disposal. The USB ports can be used for power and signal The ports in this portable display monitor can support gaming systems like PS3 PS4 Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. You have a micro USB port, a mini HDMI to HDMI, and a type C cable port embedded with the monitor. This monitor can be linked with your phone, and you will be able to get work done easily on a bigger screen at any time by turning it into a laptop pc. If you would rather look at other models at this point, another good option may be the Viewsonic XG3220.

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The Newsoul computer display monitor is a great investment, especially since you’ll be using HDR often because aside from it not breaking the bank as other high-end monitors, it will still provide you with modified blue light technology that results in less eye strain. Not to mention the full 360 degrees sound that will fully immerse you into whatever content you decide to watch. It also comes with a free screen protector and you will be able to get free shipping if you order now.

Portable Monitor, Upgraded 15.6″ IPS HDR 19201080 FHD Eye Care Screen USB C Gaming Monitor Wrap Up

Newsoul’s 15.6 inch full HDR Portable Monitor, Upgraded 15.6″ IPS HDR 19201080 FHD Eye Care Screen USB C Gaming Monitor is a great choice for a gamer or a worker. The monitor’s dual speakers will give you an immersive sound that will keep you stuck on whatever gaming experience you try. The refresh rate will allow for a better response time, and it will work with a mac phone and more as long as it can connect to one of the many ports it has.

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