How to Set Up a Headset for Gaming

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Updated February 11, 2023

Knowing how to set up a headset for gaming allows you to game on your mobile device, Nintendo Switch, and any other system where audio input is essential.


  • Plug in your wired or wireless headsets into the headset port, which might be a USB port or audio port. Make sure the audio cable is correctly attached to the correct port.
  • Right-click on your speaker icon and choose the correct output device. Play with the device settings, like mic input and the volume bar.
  • Ensure that you have a sound card capable of supporting your compatible headset’s audio and microphone technology.

Frankly, the audio device matters little as long as you have the best gaming headset available. Setting up your connected headset correctly is also crucial. Keep reading to learn how.

How Do I Ensure I Have the Best Game Audio?

The audio player makes little difference whether you use a mobile device or a Nintendo Switch. What matters is using a compatible headset with the proper sound settings. However, device settings are also necessary.

How to Configure a Gaming Headset

Another way to ensure a proper connection with your audio device is learning how to set up a gaming headset without a splitter. Additionally, you can learn how to make a wired gaming headset wireless if you prefer that type.

Insider Tip

If your audio cable doesn’t match the physical device settings, buy a headset adapter c


Check the audio output on your gaming platforms to ensure your wired or wireless headsets will work. If you’re using a PC, then the headphone jacks will be where you plug in your headphones.


Make sure there aren’t additional connections you need. Once the audio cable is plugged into your headphone port, it’s time to set sound settings.


Right-click on the speaker icon and open up “Sound Settings.” Ensure the correct device is set as your audio output.


Navigate to the levels tab and play with the volume level. You should also set your other microphone input settings to your preferences.


Use the Windows built-in feature to check for microphone issues, like the mic input not working. Windows has excellent voice recording capabilities if the recording tab catches your eye. Learning how to set up your gaming headset for OBS will give you far better voice recording abilities. Once everything is set up, don’t forget to test your gaming headset to make sure they sound how you prefer.


Using a built-in microphone may lead to unbalanced sound, so use a separate microphone whenever possible.


Do I have a compatible headset for virtual surround sound?

Yes, and it’s easy to do with built-in or additional software. Most systems will allow you to play with audio output settings to achieve spatial sound. Even a Nintendo Switch can achieve perfect spatial sound.

Is noise-canceling headphone technology worth investing in?

Headphone technology that cancels out active noise in the background is well worth the investment. You should also look into microphone noise reduction level settings.

Does a Nintendo Switch have an audio port?

Typically handheld gaming platforms use an audio cable that plugs into a regular audio port. While some may have a different headset port, a headset jack is the most popular style.

What should I look for in a gaming headset?

There are a few qualities that are well worth having:

  • A microphone mute switch for chat audio
  • An extra audio cable in case you need it
  • A high-quality headset mic

STAT: Alexander Graham Bell patented the first microphone in 1876. (source)

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