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Difficulty Easy
Steps 4
Time Required 10 minutes.
Tools Needed

Office chair bases are susceptible to heavy wear and tear, as a result of extended seating or using your chair as an extra shelf. Adjustable height mechanisms and gas cylinders can also cause further strain with repeated level changes. Keep reading to learn more about how to remove and repair your favorite office chair.


  • The best office chair bases receive heavy abuse on occasion due to heavy wear and tear or when used for other purposes than intended (e.g. as an extra shelf)
  • It should take no more than 10 minutes to remove and repair an office chair base.
  • For this task, you will need newspapers (to absorb any gas cylinder discharge on a floor) and a pair of pliers or flathead screwdrivers.

Removing and Repairing an Office Chair Base

You probably won’t have to remove and repair your office chair base as much unless you’re fixing an office chair that’s peeling. Additionally, you may find that there are other parts of your chair that may wear out faster than the base. We have great articles you can check out to learn how to replace office chair arms or how to fix an office chair that leans back. Alternatively, if your chair is making a popping noise, there may be a different problem altogether. But before you check those out, let’s get to what you came here for, steps you can take to remove and repair an office chair base. However, if you prefer to get a new chair, be sure to know where to donate your office chair so someone else can benefit from your old chair. Then check out our guide on the best massaging office chair for some options to help ease your muscles

STEP 1 Placement

Layout newspapers or painter’s cloth on the floor underneath your base. This will help absorb any grease or debris coming out of your gas cylinders. Be sure to place the top of the chair well, lest you want to fix leather office chair scratches too.

STEP 2 Removing the Center Base Holding Clip

Turn your chair upside down with the back touching the floor. From there, find the center base’s holding clip and use a pair of pliers or flat head screwdriver to bend and extract the clip off of the piston. Be sure to apply light pressure to prevent scraping or dinging the actual seat.

STEP 3Pull Out the Base

Pull out the base from the chair by removing the washer around the piston’s base. It should pull off very easily without the need for tools. Don’t forget to turn counterclockwise. Be careful of any grease coming from the gas cylinders. It is also helpful to keep a microfiber cloth nearby to pick up the mess.

STEP 4Place the New Base

Complete all of the above steps in reverse order. You may or may not need to add a new base, depending on whether you are refurbishing or discarding the chair. If you do discard the old chair and are looking to buy a new one, check out the best reclining office chairs so you can lay back and relax.


What is the bottom of an office chair called?

The bottom of your office chair is called the base. Typically, chair bases carry four or five legs that are supposed by casters and a center column. Many chairs can carry as many as seven legs, which are especially useful for heavier folk.

Do office chairs need wheels?

Wheels are a very common feature of office chairs. They allow for effortless sliding across floors, which is great for multi-tasking, collaborative work, and switching positions quickly.

What is a task chair designed for?

Task chairs are intended to straighten the base and maintain an upright posture, which helps to limit stress on joints. It is a great choice for prolonged seating due to its stress-alleviating features. Note, task chairs are also designed to fit under desks, as opposed to larger office chairs that need more space.

STAT: Expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $400 for the majority of office chairs (source)

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