Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Far from the cheapest option available on the market the Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer should be considered by every professional painter for it’s quality, while the casual painter might want to look to our Best Airless Paint Sprayer as cost has been considered against what the sprayer can do to give a cheap but high functioning option.

Why We Like It – Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco sprayers have always been known for their solid construction, and that’s certainly evident in the Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer. The 490 is on the small side of Graco’s professional line up, but it’s a sturdy, well built little pump that can handle just about any paint, stain or primer you can throw at it, residential projects of all types are a breeze.

  • A more consistent spray
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can be easily used by newbies
  • Price is expensive


Starting in the sturdy department, the 490 has a brushless motor that produces one full horsepower. That’s a lot of power for a machine in this class, and a lot of torque goes along with it. The motor is fully enclosed to prevent dust, debris and overspray from getting into it, and a fan keeps it running cool. All that power and torque is directed through the hardened steel gears of the Advantage Drive system to keep the pump stroking slow and steady.


As with most Graco spray rigs, the Ultra Max II 490 PC Pro comes equipped with 50 feet of hose and a Contractor spray gun which is less than the related products like the Wagner Spraytech 0518050 518050 Sprayer. On the gun is a Rac X tip housing, and a 517 tip. The PC Pro Electric Airless also comes with a sprayer stand to make some aspects of setting it down simpler. Since the paint flows from the inside of the gun filter to the outside, spraying it with a good water nozzle usually gets it perfectly clean. Not only do you have fewer reasons to turn that tip backwards, but it makes clean-up easier, it also helps make a need for a pump replacement system a far off problem.


Like any other electric airless sprayer It needs a hose so on top of the free shipping in the United States you’re getting a II airless hose to connect your PC Pro airless sprayer to the pump. While not the cheapest among the airless sprayers, it can still make people consider picking it up over another option like the REXBETI Ultimate 750 Electric Lightweight Spraying mostly due to the quality and ability of the product.

Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer Wrap Up

As a complete unit, the Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Paint Sprayer comes together to make a really impressive tool. It offers very controllable, reliable power. Even with the pressure adjusted up for the bigger tip sizes, there is no noticeable recoil when you pull the trigger. The pressure is released very evenly, and letting off the trigger stops it just the same way. That certainly helps promote a uniform finish on whatever it is you need to paint. Of course, this helps to minimize fatigue, which in turn allows you to get more done then another option like the HomeRight C800971 Painter Painting Projects.

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