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If you’ve spent more time working from home lately and you think it might be time for a new chair, you might try searching around for the best gaming chair or, more specifically, the best reclining gaming chair. During your search, the Dowinx Gaming Chair is likely to pop up, and with good reason: this chair is sturdy and comfortable, even for extended periods of time. It’s not without its issues, but, overall, this gaming chair is certain to make a nice addition to your home office or game room.

Why We Like It – Dowinx Gaming Chair

Premium quality without a premium price is the name of the game when it comes to the Dowinx Gaming Chair. Ergonomic design choices make this chair pleasant to sit in for long hours, and the variety of adjustability features ensures you’ll find the exact position where you’re at your comfiest.

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Looks like a pricier chair
  • Rocking function
  • Massage lumbar support pillow vibrates more than it massages
  • Unstable footrest
  • Unbreathable PU leather exterior


Anyone who’s spent 8+ hours in an office chair knows how important it is for that chair to be super supportive. Like any good chair, the Dowinx Gaming Chair is built to provide a good level of support and comfort for long hours of work or play. This ergonomic gaming chair is designed to hug your body and provide several points of contact, making you less likely to put undue stress on any single area. Dowinx includes a lumbar pillow with this office chair, which unfortunately more vibrates than it actually massages. Some users enjoy it though, just don’t buy the chair expecting shiatsu or anything. If you are an entry-level gamer looking for your first seat, you should read the Cohesion xp 2 1 gaming chair review.


The padding in the Dowinx Gaming Chair is plushier than that in some other chairs like the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, which may make it more comfortable if you’re looking for something on the cushy side. Most reviewers praise this racing style gaming chair as super comfortable regardless of size. Several self-described bigger reviewers found this desk chair incredibly spacious and comfortable. As seems to be a problem with many similar chairs, the retractable footrest feels a bit unstable when met with the actual weight of a person’s legs or feet, so use it with caution. Some find the neck support pillow sits too low for use when the chair is upright, but it provides a nice cushion when reclined. One final potential issue of note on the topic of comfort: the armrests are not padded, which could be positive or negative depending on your preferences. In case you prefer gaming on a floor seat, read our Esright 360 degree swivel floor sofa review.


Less-expensive gaming chairs like the Homall Gaming Chair often lack one key feature that many in the market crave: adjustable armrests. For some, this makes a world of difference, as it provides another critical point of support while working or PC gaming. In addition to the armrests, the Dowinx Gaming Chair features the usual slew of adjustability features that often come with the best gaming chairs. The back is reclineable up to 170 degrees, which outdoes a good chunk of other reclineable office chairs on the market. Also unlike several other similar chairs, the Dowinx has a rocker function that allows the chair to move with you.


PU leather can mean a lot of things, but it typically always comes with one problem: a lack of breathability. A comfortable gaming experience shouldn’t come with an excess of heat and sweat, but it’s somewhat of a standard among low and mid-priced gaming chairs. The leather here is at least noticeably better than that on something like the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Chair, with quality stitching that looks quite nice. Depending on the heat level where you live, the PU leather could be an issue, so take into consideration if you would want to sit on any leather seat for eight or more hours in a day.


The Dowinx Gaming Chair is a bit pricier than some of the other chairs in this market, but that’s not without good reason. There’s a noticeable step up in quality and craftsmanship that makes sitting in this chair feel like a more premium experience than others, and this chair looks nicer as well. The $220 price tag might be off putting, but, considering the amount of time you could spend sitting in this chair, it could be worth it to shell out the extra cash. Not only that, but reviewers found this chair far more durable than some of its cheaper counterparts, so you’re less likely to have to spend on another chair this time next year. customers will also benefit from their generous return policy, so, if you get this chair and decide it just isn’t right, returning it shouldn’t be a problem.

Dowinx Gaming Chair Wrap Up

The Dowinx Gaming Chair has a premium feel without the premium price. Granted, it’s not perfect. Like many other low and mid-tier gaming chairs, the footrest feels a little unstable, the PU leather doesn’t breathe at all, and the “massaging” pillow is better described as “vibrating.” Otherwise, nice additions like the adjustable armrests and rocking functionality set this chair apart from the competition, and it definitely looks nice in an office or at your PC gaming rig. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, this might be the gaming chair for you.

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