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Dell Multi-Client Monitor Makes Multi-Screen Setups Unnecessary

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Updated June 27, 2022

Dell has announced its first multi-client monitor, which probably raises a question for many of you: What exactly is a multi-client monitor? Well, it’s a single screen that can receive input from several different systems, including completely different clients, to access an unprecedented amount of data. While we’ve covered some large (and professional) screens in our best computer monitor reviews for 2019, we haven’t talked about anything like this yet.

The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor is a 43-inch, ultra HD screen so you won’t have a problem with real estate or resolution: You can also switch modes and turn it into four different panels that are all full HD. In fact, the monitor is sort of designed to switch back and forth between four separate displays/two side-by-side displays, and one large display, as rapidly as necessary. If you are looking for the best external monitor, this could be it.

Dell Multi Client
Dell’s new monitor can handle ultra HD OR multiple inputs.


There are more benefits beyond receiving inputs from several different sources, however. The monitor also comes with an RS232 connection, which is both a power and data connection that makes it a lot easier for IT departments to manage data infrastructures and pinpoint any problems if they occur. The screen can also pair with Dell Wyse clients for some cross-selling and even easier IT management.

There are other extras as well, but they are less interesting. For example, Dell estimates that switching from four monitors to one will lead to a 30% energy use reduction for that particular desk, so if you replace a lot of monitor in your high-rise financial trading office, you could save a few bucks each month.

The monitor is available now for the surprisingly low price of $1,350, which we have to figure has attracted a lot more attention than the monitor would otherwise warrant. Is your job complicated enough to make this kind of monitor worthwhile?

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