Dell Inspiron I7559 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Being one of the best gaming laptops for the money, the Dell Inspiron I7559 allows you to enter the realm of gaming without spending a lot of money. It offers a great gaming experience along with a 1080p display and great cooling maintenance, preventing the CPU from overheating. Moreover, with a pretty impressive battery life, an aesthetic design and with upgradability options, the Dell Inspiron I7559 offers you a whole lot at a pretty low price for a gaming laptop. In this review Dell Inspiron I7559 shows how and why it is the best budget gaming laptop.

Why We Like It – Dell Inspiron I7559

Powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, the Dell Inspiron I7559 brings the ultimate gaming performance in the best value deal. The GPU has 4 gigs of VRAM which is more than enough to allow you to play almost every game with a great performance. Not only limited to that, the Dell Inspiron also provides you with a powerful CPU as well as sufficient RAM. And so, paired with a pretty good looking design and great heat maintenance, the Dell Inspiron I7559 reaches out to the other gaming laptops at a much lower price.

  • Great gaming performance
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Good display
  • Bad sound quality
  • Pretty heavy


With an intel quad core i7-6700HQ processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB 5400 RPM storage paired with the NVIDIA 960M GPU, the Dell inspiron makes gaming ever the more enjoyable, and that too at a great price. Although with specs as such, it may seem like an entry-level gaming laptop, but ever the same it still is a gaming laptop. With the 4GB VRAM on the graphics card playing any game becomes an easy task. And even though it can’t play all games at their highest settings, you can still enjoy playing them.

The 1TB HDD storage may turn out to be slow, but you can just upgrade it to an SSD with greater speed and a good amount of memory, using the operating system with ease. Moreover, upgrading the RAM is easy as well as with an empty slot, attaching an 8GB RAM to give the entire system a 16GB RAM capacity would boost it significantly. And paired with the 6th generation processor and three exhaust points you no longer have to worry about the CPU heating up. Moreover, moving into its display we have an 15.6 Inch LED display with a 1920 x 1090 resolution. Although, you can get better displays with better colour accuracy in laptops like the MSI Ghost Pro which offers a 4K viewing experience, but then again considering the fact that it has almost half the price, the display is actually pretty great and you can enjoy watching movies on it as well.

Furthermore, when it comes to the speakers and its trackpad, the Dell Inspiron I7559 is limited to a certain extent. While there is a subwoofer present, the sound quality doesn’t have that loud a volume and the quality isn’t that good either. Having external speakers or using headphones might be the better choice, and to be honest it isn’t much of a compromise to make, considering the low price you’re paying. If you’re someone who cherishes that speaker experience, the Lenovo Y700 is a great alternative but it does come with its price. On the other hand, the device itself does not produce much of a sound when playing games, allowing fan and CPU noise to be pretty low. As for the keyboard, although it’s great for playing games, it isn’t as great for typing. So taking notes, or typing extensively may be better done on an external keyboard.

Finally, the Dell Inspiron I7559 has pretty decent battery life of about 5 to 6 hours of normal use and about 2 hours of gaming. This can most certainly be accepted, as being a gaming laptop you may have the device plugged in most of the time as well. But on the plus side, the charger is decent, taking about 2 and a half hours to completely recharge the battery.


The Dell Inspiron I7559 has a pretty aesthetic look with the red accent on the black plastic body. The laptop itself measures to be 0.98 by 15 by 10.4 Inches and weighs about 5.88 pounds. This does indeed make it pretty hefty and not that travel friendly. It most certainly isn’t as portable or slim as the MacBook Pro or the Dell XPS 13, but then again if you’re someone who values being able to play games over having portability, the Dell Inspiron I7559 is the choice for you.

With backlight on the keyboards and a rubber finish on the top and hand rest, the Dell Inspiron I7559 does indeed look pretty great. But do remember that the rubber may wear down over time, so if you’re worried about that, choose the plastic finish option rather than the rubber finish one. Additionally, the red rubber tips on the bottom do more than complement the device’s look, by providing additional grip with the table it prevents the device from slipping on a surface.

Finally, for the inputs, the Dell Inspiron I7559 offers 3 USB 3.0 ports, a full HDMI port and a SD card reader for those who need it. However, for running disks and such you might need an external optical drive.


Having a pretty good build quality with a great design the Dell Inspiron does not fall behind when it comes to aesthetics. It has a great full hd display, a backlit keyboard, a decent hard drive with 1 TBHDD and 8 GB SSD hybrid drive storage, a good amount of RAM and a 6th generation intel core i7-6700HQ 3.1 GHz processor. Paired with the GeForce 960M GPU, it offers a great gaming performance making it an amazing entry-level gaming laptop. And so, for anyone who wants a good gaming experience but doesn’t have much of a budget, the Dell Inspiron I7559-2512BLK offers much better performance than many laptops with core i5 processors and integrated graphics, even almost reaching upto more expensive gaming laptops like the Gigabyte P35XV5 at a much lower price.

Dell Inspiron I7559 Wrap Up

It may not offer a great speaker system like the Lenovo Y700. It may not have as amazing a display as the MSI Ghost Pro. It may not even have as great a GPU as that of the Gigabyte P35XV5. But with a price starting at around $850 on amazon com, the Dell Inspiron I7559 offers a great gaming performance with a 960M GPU, at a price lower than almost half that of the other gaming laptops. It allows all those people who want to play games, to finally have the choice without reaching too deep into their pockets. And so, with a pretty good looking design, a decent battery life and the amazing combination of specs at such low a price, the Dell Inspiron I7559 is indeed the best budget gaming laptop out in the market.