Asus VG245H Gaming Monitor Review

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Updated October 20, 2022
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From our list of the best FreeSync gaming monitors comes the Asus VG245h gaming monitor. The Asus VG245H full HD console gaming monitor is a great match for any eSport competitors looking for a device with a quick response time, which for this model is at a 1ms rate. This model is even compatible with a ROG bezel free kit which will let you add more screens together for an immersive effect. If you are looking for non-gaming monitors, a good place to start is our list of the best computer monitors.

Why We Like It – Asus VG245H Gaming Monitor

The Asus vg245h gaming monitor is a great LED display monitor that will bring you the competitive edge all while showcasing your favorite games in extreme detail. The blue light technology reduces eye strain and lets you play for a longer time

  • The blue light filter will relive some fatigue
  • 6 preset display modes that may fit your viewing situation
  • Only a refresh rate of 75hz


The monitor has a 24” inch display size that is full HD and LED. This monitor features AMD Freesync technology which eliminates screen tearing and gives you a smooth experience. You can connect a couple of HDMI devices at once and save yourself some time. It comes with a designed stand that you can adjust to your preference by tilting and pivoting it. It has a refresh rate of 75hz, but if you were looking for a higher rate you may be interested in the ViewSonic XG2402 monitor which caps at 144hz.

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Viewing angle

The Asus monitor has a horizontal viewing angle of 170 degrees. The aspect ratio on this monitor is 16:9. It has flicker free technology so your games won’t be interrupted by screen tears. It has 6 preset display modes which will make it easy to adjust settings that will fit your best. If you would like to look for a larger monitor, you may want to check out the AOC CQ32G1.


Most modern monitors are built to be very durable. As long as you aren’t physically damaging it after losing a game, it will be good for a long time. If you have yet to be sold on this device, it may be time to check out another low input lag HDMI monitor such as the AOC Agon AG322QC4. If you run into any issues, you have a limited warranty that covers internal defects.

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This monitor has four different ways to input devices. There is an audio in/out port so you can hook it up to a sound system or headphones and use it to improve your gaming experience. There is a VGA / D-sub port that lets you plug in old analog video devices. You get dual HDMI ports so you can connect two gaming consoles if you wanted to. You can use a ROG bezel free kit and connect multiple monitors to give yourself an even larger view.


The Asus VG245H features an exclusive Asus ultra low blue light filter that blocks all the harmful blue light that causes us eye fatigue. This monitor provides an Asus exclusive gamefast input technology OSD menu where you can use different filter settings on screen easily during games and set up hotkeys to give yourself an edge over other gamers. The full HD gaming monitor has the technology to give you a lag free console gaming experience. The 24” inch screen size is a great viewing experience for single player games, but if you tend to go for multiplayer you may want to find a monitor with a larger display.

Ergonomic design also tends to be of higher value when finding the right gaming monitor. Which is why the Asus TUF gaming VG289Q is often sought after, as its ergonomic design allows for more eye-comfort and viewing while gaming.

Asus VG245H Gaming Monitor Wrap Up

The Asus VG245h gaming monitor has the essentials for any eSports competitor looking for that competitive edge thanks to the technology FreeSync provides. The LCD monitor will give you faster real time responses so you can fully enjoy your games’ smooth visuals. Thanks to the low blue light technology, you can play assured that your eyes won’t take as much of a toll. Feel free to purchase this low input lag monitor, save with free shipping, and get your favorite game consoles set up on the two HDMI ports.

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