Arachnid Standing Electronic Dartboard Variations Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re a fan of target games other than arrows and firearms, then perhaps darts are of interest, too. After all, are they that different? For some pinpoint accuracy fun, check out the best archery target for game rooms, the Arachnid Standing Electronic Dartboard Variations. It features 24 games with 132 options for up to 8 people to join in on. And if you want a hunting gear, check our post on best hunting and shooting gear.

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Why We Like It – Arachnid Standing Electronic Dartboard Variations

Stepping away from arrows, challenge yourself with another target game such as cricket games in various forms with this 15.5-inch dart board.

  • Keeps score for up to 8 players
  • Includes 24 games w/ 132 options
  • 6 soft tip darts w/ replacement tips
  • Large stand; need plenty of real estate
  • So-so build quality

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The first thing you’ll notice when booting up the Arachnid Standing Electronic Dartboard Variations are the number of games available. With 24 games to choose from, it’ll be hard to not get any kind of fun. You can further tweak rules with 132 options to choose from. More importantly, the darts themselves have some good weight to them. With a little practice, you too might become a dart expert. But if archery is your thing, the Block Classic 22 Archery Target may interest you for its easy-to-remove arrow feature.


The two biggest downsides to the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 are: build quality and size. This is a rather large stand with dimensions of 26.5 x 5.5 x 82 inches. And at 75 pounds, it’s going to be tough moving around your home. The build quality of the box is rather cheap, unlike the Delta McKenzie Speed Bag Archery Target, though the dart board itself is far superior. It’s also 15.5-inches, which is regulation size for soft-tipped darts. Arachnid Store was at least kind enough to put all that space to good use by adding extra storage space along the bottom.


Given how cheap most of the Arachnid Standing Electronic Dartboard Variations is—minus the dart board itself—its price tag of $300 feels a bit much. Yes, there are 24 games to choose from, but when you boil it down it’s still just darts with different rules. However, the most fun comes from having buddies play alongside you. It comes with 6 darts, plus replacement tips. At the same time, the circuit board is capable of tracking up to 8 players. This would better suit a game room than a Morrell Double 450fps Archery Target.

Arachnid Standing Electronic Dartboard Variations Wrap Up

Only experts of darts would be willing to spend $300 on this, but for those looking to fill their game room might find interest too—provided friends are constantly involved. With 24 games, 132 different options, and 8-player modes, it’s designed for it. Its build quality can steer some away, and you need plenty of space to display it. Not many can do both.

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