If you love TV then fall is a special time of year. That’s when all of the new series premiere and many of your old favorites come back for another season. Many of us enjoy these shows from the comfort of our living rooms or in bed, but that’s not always possible for everyone these days with our busy schedules. It’s a good thing that we can take our TV shows with us on the go. All thanks to the best satellite TV. And sometimes that means flying at 30,000 feet in the air.

Never Miss a TV Show Again

If that sounds like you DISH has a special treat in store for you on your next American Airline flight. For the first time ever, American Airlines passengers can watch 12 live channels powered by DISH on domestic flights. It doesn’t matter if you yourself are a DISH subscriber or not. Just enjoy the entertainment. If you’re not sold on DISH, compare with the benefits of the COX WiFi network.

As of this writing, this TV experience has been activated on 100 domestic aircraft. There are also plans to extend it to the airline’s long-term mainline narrowbody fleet of over 700 aircraft during 2019.

So DISH has you covered on American Airline flights for the foreseeable future. You’ll have plenty to watch as you travel to your destination. American Airline’s domestic flights include the following channels: Bravo, FOX, CBS, NBC, CNBC, NFL Network, CNN, Telemundo, Disney Channel, TNT, ESPN and USA. Passengers can access these live channels directly on their personal laptops, phones or tablets for the price of absolutely free.

American Airlines Offers Live TV Powered By DISH
DISH makes your flight better.

Free Live Tv Compliments of DISH

Live TV is available from gate to gate and compliments American’s already strong existing lineup of free entertainment that includes hundreds of movies and on-demand TV shows. This will surely make your flight feel more like your living room, which is the whole point. If you have a great experience you’ll use the airline again and again. DISH is also hoping that you remember your experience.

This is great for nervous travelers as well since it gives them a great diversion.

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