I’ve had a first hand experience with a dryer fire – my dog Bucky can attest to this since he still shakes when he hears a smoke detector.  Beyond the crazy statistics of over 40 dryers catching fire a day, lint is usually the cause.  To help combat this is the LintAlert device.

Consisting of two parts, the LinkAlert lets you know when lint has become backed up and when the vent system of the dryer has become blocked.  The base unit plugs into the wall and acts as the display for anything that could be going wrong with your dryer.  Attached is a six-foot flexible 1/8″ tube that is fitted to the dryer’s transition hose and uses a pressure differential sensor to make sure airflow is normal and safe.


If anything is not up to normal regulations, LintAlert’s LED’s will denote what’s going on and the audible alarm will sound.  For $45, this is an absolute no brainer!

[via GizMag]


Jeff B