Yicheyiyou Smart LED Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The manufacturer (Yicheyiyou) made this trash can/storage bag with space requirements & style in mind (although it did not rank on our best car garbage can list). It has an extremely thin profile so it can fit anywhere, even on the passenger side of lots of vehicles. Artificial leather provides a “classy” look for the Yicheyiyou Smart LED Trash Bag, & it comes with a roll of disposable trash bags.

Why We Like It – Yicheyiyou Smart LED

The Yicheyiyou Smart LED Car Trash Bag is a stylish, compact way to store your small car trash. Easily keep your car clean with this leak proof trash bag & car organizer. This artificial leather storage pocket (leak proof) is slim enough to fit next to your passengers’ leg without intruding on their leg space.

  • Has A Yicheyiyou Smart LED Light
  • Leak Proof Trash Bag
  • Free Delivery via Amazon Prime
  • Adhesive Doesn’t Always Work
  • Limited Storage Space


This reusable traveling portable trash bag is a stylish solution for tiny trash (need more storage space? Check out the Garbage Drive Auto Products Collection!). There are many places you can use this garbage bag: passenger side of your car, the back seat door, while traveling, portable offices, toilet spaces, or anywhere else where you can stick the double-sided adhesive! The storage pocket leak proof design is perfect for gum wrappers or coffee cups and is held shut by four magnets.

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This reusable traveling portable trash can is offered in a few different colors, though not as many as the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets. The artificial leather storage pocket is available in black, brown, & beige. This pocket (leak proof & magnetically closing) is lit up by a smart LED that automatically turns on when you open the bag. Passenger side or driver’s side – the thin design ensures it can be used on either side. Artificial leather storage solutions should always be this easy to use!


Multipurpose (car, offices, toilet) garbage cans can be expensive, but this artificial leather storage & trash bag only costs $17.66 (if you’d rather have money than space, consider the KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Original Wastebasket instead). This reusable traveling trash bag includes an LED light, which definitely adds to the value of the bag. Passenger side artificial light (assuming you mount it next to you) means less trash will end up on the floor at night, so you can have both your floor (and your seat) back & free of clutter.

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Yicheyiyou Smart LED Wrap Up

Put this waterproof garbage bag passenger side, driver’s side, or anywhere the adhesive will stick. Not only do you get the trash can, but it also comes with a roll of trash bags (disposable or reusable). Traveling, portable offices, toilet – garbage cans sometimes won’t fit in these spaces, but the Yicheyiyou Smart LED Light Trash Can will! We wish they included a suction-cup system instead of the adhesive tape, but even so, this is a great, compact garbage can.

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