Why do my Gaming Headsets Break?

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Updated October 26, 2022

If you’re wondering, “Why do my gaming headsets break?” then you’re probably in a bind. Buying the best gaming headset in your price range will extend the overall lifespan significantly. Proper care is another crucial component for keeping your pair of headphones in working condition.


  • Failure to protect against liquids such as spilled drinks or wet hair will destroy both high-end and cheap headphones.
  • Damage to the wire in your braided cable or being rough with the headphone jack can also cause a poor bass response over time from your wired or wireless earphones.
  • Most headphone repairs are relatively easy to do yourself, and nearly all components offer a reasonable price range.

Will a Cheap Headset Break More Quickly?

Unfortunately, budget headsets are not known for longevity. Even if you know where to store your gaming headset, sometimes the cheap ones just break quicker. When you invest in quality headphones, you know that you’ll have excellent microphone quality, accurate sound, and even a life-long warranty.

There are affordable quality earbuds available. However, you’ll need to increase your price range for over-ear headphones to find a long-lasting pair of headphones.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do I have to install a driver for my gaming headset?” then this article will answer that question. Headset drivers often need updating. If your headset drivers stop working, check for updates.

Reasons for Loss of Sound and Poor Audio Quality

There is a wide range of reasons your wireless or wired headsets might keep breaking. For instance, if you’re hearing audio only on 1 side of your gaming headset. While a cheap headset will typically produce poor audio quality, any loss of quality for game sounds is a sign of breakdown. Moreover, you might not be able to use a cheap gaming headset with a combo jack for very long, either.

Insider Tip

Investing in a device with lots of hours of battery life will help stave off premature headset repairs relating to your battery

Keep reading to learn how to keep your gaming headset from breaking.

Failure to Provide Protection Against Liquids

Modern gaming headsets are sometimes water-resistant. However, this is out of the norm, and you should never assume your wired or wireless headphones have this quality. Be sure to keep drinks away from your wireless or wired headphones. Don’t use your delicate device for audio with wet hair, either.

Damage to Internal Wire in Earphone Cords on Wired Headsets

The braided cable that plugs into your audio jack is more sensitive than you might realize. Rough handling of the braided cable can prevent the signal wire from transmitting data from the audio jack.

Using wireless earphones with a removable cable helps prevent loss of audio quality due to damaged earphone cords.

A Wide Range of Other Issues for Comfortable Headsets

In addition to the above, there is still a wide range of issues you might encounter while using comfortable headsets:

  • Degradation of ion battery after hundreds of hours spent gaming
  • Damage to other internal components from rough handling
  • Loss of amazing sound from going over normal listening volumes

Another question you might have is, “Why does my gaming headset disconnect while I’m gaming?” Luckily, we have a great article explaining this phenomenon.


Be careful with the detachable cord on your wireless headsets. Rough handling can turn wireless gaming headsets into broken headsets.


How long do gaming headsets usually last?

That depends on the extra care you put into preserving the external and internal components. Usually, you can expect a few months for cheap models and a few years for higher-end models.

How can I protect my wireless earbuds from moisture?

If you use your earbuds with your mobile device, avoid doing so when it’s raining outside. If you need to use them with your mobile device while it’s raining, use a wide-brim hat for extra protection.

What should I look for in comfortable gaming headsets?

There is a wide range of qualities all comfortable headsets should have:

  • It’s made with breathable headset materials
  • It follows standards for average listening volumes
  • It has a removable cable for lots of maneuverability

Is Turtle Beach the best headphone brand in the world?

Turtle Beach has a world-renowned reputation for producing comfortable headsets with a spacious sound profiles. However, while Turtle Beach is an excellent choice, several other contenders exist.

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