What Monitor Does Scump Use?

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Updated June 27, 2022

What monitor does Scump use? Scump is using the Alienware AW2518H monitor. This screen provides impeccable gaming performance with unmatched response time and speed in an FHD 25-inch screen. Although it does not have a lot of pixel density, this modern gaming monitor offers excellent image quality. In addition, it also provides better color saturation compared to other screens. With a high price, you get a performance that is gravitating. Test it, and you will buy it.


  • Seth “Scump” Abner is an American YouTuber known for his Call of Duty skills.
  • Seth is a top competitor in MLG (Major League Gaming).
  • Scump’s YouTube channel has more than 600 million views.

Features of Scump’s Monitor

The Alienware AW2518H is a 25-inch TN panel with a native refresh rate and FHD resolution. Although the screen is among other screens that run at 240Hz, DELL screens are the first to support that refresh rate without overclocking. This monitor is almost the same as the one Ninja uses. Additionally, they can run in ULMB at 144Hz.

The 6-bit depth of the screen has a frame rate conversion that boosts the bandwidth to 8-bits. Thus, you also do not have to worry about the banding artifacts on this screen.

Unique Features of Scump’s Gaming Monitor

Dynamic On-Screen Display

The new gaming menu will help you stay in the gaming state of mind throughout your playing session. The easy-to-use dashboard also has customizable preset game modes that are suitable for a multiscreen gaming setup. Compare that to the monitor that Pewdiepie uses which has NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology that helps reduce display stutter.

Custom Lighting Effects

The AlienFX will enhance your gaming experience using the fully customizable RGB lighting system that has a variation of 16.8 million colors. This feature will bring the natural world closer to you with the addition of dynamic lighting effects. It’s similar to Shroud’s gaming monitor which boasts excellent IPS-level contrast and impressive colors.

Personalized Gaming Modes

The color modes also offer many game modes, including the FPS (FirstPerson Shooter), RPG (Role-Playing Game), RTS (Role Playing Game), and three other game modes.

Who is Scump?

The real name of Scump is Seth Abner. He is an American professional gamer who is known for playing Call of Duty. As a streamer for OpTic Gaming and an SMG player for Chicago Huntsmen, he is a famous worldwide champion.

Scump also has over half a billion views on Twitch Tv and more than 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also known as “The Ginja Ninja” and “The King.” Born on June 30th, 1995, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Steve was not always a gaming fan. But he got involved in gaming by playing HALO on his brother’s XBOX.


What headset does Scump use?

Scump uses the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset. This option is ideal for competitive gaming. However, to play as an elite gamer, this is one gear you need to have in your setup. This headset is one reason why Scump takes this option. The earphone has superior cushions and a light aluminum frame, allowing you to wear them for hours comfortably. You also get top-quality sound with a sampling rate of 96Khz. In addition, it has spot-on audio fidelity and an omnidirectional high-bandwidth microphone.

What keyboard does Scump use?

Scump uses the CORSAIR K70 RGB MK. 2 low profile. As a result, the mechanical gaming keyboard offers all-day comfort with mechanical key switching and attractive RGB lighting.

What GPU is Sump using?

The ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX is the primary GPU that Scump uses. The NVIDIA GPU has 2nd generation RT Cores, an Axial-tech fan design, dual ball fan bearings, military-grade capacitors, and a 3rd generation tensor core.

STAT: According to Dexerto, Sump Warzone Loadout has him using the primary weapon as the M4A1. (source)

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