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Although it didn’t make our best car dolly list, the 1,500 lb hydraulic wheel dolly by Sunex Tools is still a great option if you’re looking for a new wheel dolly. This hydraulic model has an oversized L shaped foot pedal for easy use, doesn’t touch your vehicle’s frame during use, & has a built-in carrying handle for simple transportation.

Why We Like It – Sunex Hydraulic Wheel Dolly

The Sunex Hydraulic Wheel Dolly is a cheap, maintenance-free tool that eliminates the need for a jack. This hydraulic wheel dolly can lift up to 1,5000 lbs., has locking casters, and comes with a one year warranty.

  • Sturdy Ratcheting Design
  • Has Locking Casters
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lacks Ball Bearing Casters
  • Poor Customer Service


Each standalone Sunex dolly has a lift arm capable of lifting up to 1,500 lbs. (if you want four car dollies in one package, check out the 5060 Tire Skates Bearings Moving instead). The all-in-one design ensures that you won’t accidentally scratch up your car, and easily slides under a vehicle’s wheel. With a lift arm length adjustable up to 12.8″, this should be able to accommodate most car tires. Instead of jacking a car up by hand, the Sunex has a foot pedal for simple operation.


This hydraulic dolly eliminates the need for a jack because it lifts the car up itself. Thanks to its wide lift arm length, this dolly can accommodate tires up to 12.8″ wide. Simply use the foot pedal to jack up your vehicle off of the ground. Like the Inches Premium Skates Bearings Furniture, the Sunex dolly has two castor brakes per car dolly. It also has a carrying handle built into the side of the dolly, which makes carrying the dolly around an easy task.


The Sunex Dolly is pretty cheap compared to other hydraulic dollies (which can run up to $300, or more!). It costs $134.99, and has both free shipping and free returns. However, if $134.99 is more than you feel inclined to spend, the WEN 73017 Vehicle 1500 Pound Capacity is a much cheaper alternative. This dolly also has a one year warranty, so you’re covered should the product arrive damaged or fail during normal use. It scores a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon (from 43 reviews at the time of this review), so most customers seem satisfied.

Sunex Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Wrap Up

This dolly by Sunex is definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a hydraulic dolly that won’t break the bank. It accommodates most tires (up to 12.8″), doesn’t require maintenance, and has a warranty for an entire year so you can purchase it with confidence. The only concern we had is Sunex has a poor reputation when it comes to customer service, but most customers seem happy with the product, so hopefully, you won’t need to contact them for anything.

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