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Time to rethink your idea of radio. The Soundance SDY019 is an FM radio bluetooth speaker all-in-one package. Even better, it tops our list of best tabletop radio for its budget pricing. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

Why We Like It – Soundance SDY019 Review

The Soundance SDY019 is a versatile, multifunctional device that brings radio into the modern century. Use it as an FM radio, bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, and more. Even better, it does it all in a slick, modern package.

  • Good looking, sleek design
  • Lots of functionality in one speaker
  • Great portability with a rechargeable battery
  • Controls are not intuitive
  • Setting the alarm can be confusing


Good quality bluetooth speakers are usually more than $30, which is about how much this Soundance costs with many more features included. In addition to wireless bluetooth capability, it also has FM radio and functions as an alarm clock. Other top models, like the Panasonic RF-2400D, don’t have alarm functionality.

The unit performs surprisingly well for the price. The speaker has good sound quality no matter what the source is. The radio has auto FM searching that ensures you get clear sound. Then you have easy access to your favorite FM stations with auto searching save. You can always attach a USB cable or external antenna if you need to enhance the signal.

The enhanced bass resonator makes the little speaker deliver a big, deep bass sound. Throw on music with deep bass and you know the bass enhance is real.


Aesthetically, the Soundance FM Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker looks great if you like the modern, minimalist look with sharp lines. It’s available in all black or black and red.

Functionally, the design is smartly done. It’s small enough to be great for use as a portable bluetooth speaker but the radio speaker packs enough sound to do your music justice. The wireless bluetooth is also great for taking phone calls, as it also includes a mic to pick up your audio when on calls.

Additionally, this speaker has several different auxiliary inputs, like a USB input, audio line, and you can also insert an SD card or TF card (otherwise known as a Micro SD card). Along those lines, it will support MP3, WAV, and WMA file playback. It’s also conveniently USB rechargeable with up to eight hours of playback time between charges. Even high end radios like the Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet and Tivoli Audio Model One don’t have battery capability.


Anyone looking for a wireless bluetooth speaker alarm clock all wrapped up into one device, look no further. It’s a rare find, and at this price, it’s worth getting. This is a great device for users looking for versatility in their playback options.

Soundance SDY019 Review Wrap Up

The Soundance SDY019 gets a lot of things right while fitting a lot of things into one small speaker device. It’s really cool that you have a lot of flexible usage options. The slick, clean aesthetic should fit with many designs. Even better, it’s a low cost of entry for a decent quality wireless bluetooth speaker.

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