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Sebo Felix Wild ePower Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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85 Expert Rating

If you’re looking for an everyday vacuum, one that can handle the messes on hard floors as well as carpets, the Sebo Felix Wild ePower makes a compelling argument. With its swivel neck, you can quickly maneuver around sharp corners all the while its 700w suction motor is gathering dirt and dust along the way. Is it the best vacuum cleaner around? Find out more in this review. Also read our tips on how to get the best prices on appliances, even when shopping on a budget.  

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Why We Like It – SEBO Felix Wild ePower

With a swivel neck and 700w suction motor, the Sebo Felix Wild ePower is a mean, dirt-eating machine, capable of handling pet hair and day-to-day messes.

  • 700w suction motor
  • Rotating swivel neck for better maneuverability
  • Simple, compact design
  • Uses bags
  • Better options available

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The Sebo Felix Wild ePower uses a 700w suction motor to create great suction power. The brush roller uses a double helix design to brush edges and floor to then force it into the vacuum itself. And for pet hair, you can turn the roller off and licked pet hair more effectively, which again, it does well after a few passes. It can handle height adjustments by altering brush height, a necessary trait if you have different types of floors. The Eureka PowerSpeed Lite has five, but the Felix Wild will let you know the best setting.


Sebo went with a very simplistic design for the Felix Wild ePower, while building in a few necessary changes. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? At the front, the power head can swivel left to right with just a flick of your wrist. This definitely helped handle the heavy weight of the vacuum cleaner. It’s nearly 20 lbs, the largest among our list of vacuum cleaners—even heavier than the Bissell Cleanview. There’s a crevice nozzle and a safety measure to shut the motor down if the power brush roller gets into any trouble.


The Sebo Felix Wild ePower Upright Vacuum is packing pretty mean carpet cleaning performance and on hard floors, too, with a few tools to back it up. It’s variable power supply means you can adjust the suction power to what you need. For cleaning hard, we’d always trust a Felix vacuum, and it gets our mark of value.

But there are better options. The Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner provides the best for pound value, with a handheld conversion to boot and uses a refillable dust cup, not a bag.

SEBO Felix Wild ePower Wrap Up

It’s a shame the Sebo Felix Wild ePower uses bags, considering its suction power can go toe-to-toe with some of the greats. Bags aren’t expensive, but the money you spend might as well go to a better performing refillable vacuum. Still, its swivel neck makes it easy to use, and a thin, compact frame is simple to store.

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