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So, you’re in the market for an affordable gaming monitor and still want what you may consider the best 1440p monitor, the MSI non glare ready 165hz might be a smart choice. What you get with this HDR ready screen is a nice 165HZ refresh rate plus a 1MS response time, benefiting most fast-moving games like strategy, first person shooters, fighters and sports. The ultra high refresh rate and fast response time will put you ahead of the rest of the competition. Feel free to add extra screens to this super narrow bezel frame so you can create a multi monitor 180° set up.

Why We Like It – MSI Non glare Ready 165Hz

The MSI non glare ready 165hz curved gaming monitor offers a much more comfortable gaming experience. Not only do you feel the gameplay immersion, but you feel more connected to fast paced games such as fighters, racing games, sports in first person shooters.

  • Perfect for gaming
  • Vibrant colors
  • High pixel density and contrast ratio
  • Customer service not easy to contact


With the refresh rate jacked up to 165HZ, when using display port, the user gets an extra smooth picture and the 1MS response time making gaming (especially fast-moving games like sports, and first person shooters)a pleasure to play. Like the Viotek GN24CB Curved 1440p Monitor, there’s some screen tearing at games’ most frantic moments, but the anti-motion blur feature counteracts your frustrations. The presets for this gaming display are dead on, so there is not much maneuvering needed. As for multimedia like movies, TV, or YouTube, you’re going to get an above average viewing experience with crisp, bright, and vivid colors.


The problem with most gaming monitors, is how much desk space it usually takes up. But with the MSI non glare ready 165hz, the screen sits on a metal three-point base that ends up leaving you extra workspace. Much like the Samsung CJG56 144Hz Curved Gaming 1440p Monitor, I like the wide height adjustment range which can help people with neck strain find the right position. The back of this gaming display, offers all the needed inputs, and there is an option for a VESA mount. The super narrow bezel edges allows for a multiscreen experience and the monitor itself is lightweight… making it easy to set up with other screens.


Gamers may turn up their nose to this monitor, wanting true HDR support, and zero ghosting. But what they fail to focus on is how high the refresh rate and low response time works out for competitive gameplay. But like the Dell 27 inch LED lit Monitor s2719dgf, this monitor is a smart buy for those who want to step up their viewing experience but don’t want to shell out a ton of cash. The monitor’s OPTIX feature is the best perk and the QHD resolution is a nice step up from the usual 1080P. The stand, like other monitors in this price range, is a little bit flimsy and doesn’t give you many adjustment options, but it’s mobile enough to get it to what fits your viewing angle.

MSI Non glare Ready 165Hz Wrap Up

When you get the MSI non glare ready 165hz, you’re going to get a higher refresh rate and low response time, which will make it stay up with the pack of other monitors priced in line with this one. You can tell it’s designed to be impressive, so you can be comfortable using it as a centerpiece to your gaming set up. There is a bit of ghosting and it doesn’t provide true HDR support, but the optics feature makes this a gaming winner. Might not be the best choice for someone who is using it solely for professional work, but if you need something across the board for both multimedia and gaming, this one is a fine choice.

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