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MSI Optix G273QF Review

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Updated December 20, 2022
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The MSI Optix G273QF is a mid-range gaming monitor released in 2021, promising great image quality and gaming features. This device has a very low response time and input lag, providing gaming performance. Just like select highest-rated computer monitors, this device has a 165Hz refresh rate.

With FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility, this monitor offers smooth motion handling. Featuring an IPS panel, this device provides wide viewing angles, supporting co-op gaming. It has a high 2560 x 1 440 resolution, providing graphics and text quality. Continue browsing our review and discover how it stacks up against the best gaming monitors available today.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very wide viewing angles
  • Great resolution and decent screen size
  • FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility
  • Outstanding response time and input lag
  • 165 Hz refresh rate

Reasons to Not

  • Poor contrast ratio
  • Lacks HDR mode
  • Stand supports limited adjustment

Market Context

Compared to the same brand’s similar models: The MSI Optix MAG274QRF has a more ergonomically flexible stand than the MSI Optix G273QF (this review). Additionally, the MSI Optix MAG274QRF boasts HDR10 technology, which is not present in the MSI Optix G273QF.

Similar to the MSI Optix MAG271CQR, the MSI Optix G273QF has a higher 2560 x 1440 native resolution compared to the 1920×1080 of the MSI Optix G273QPF. Therefore text and graphics are crisper on the MSI Optix G273QF. In addition, the MSI Optix G273QF has a much faster 6.9 ms total response time compared to the 12.7 ms response time of the MSI Optix G273QPF.

Compared to other brands’ similar models: The Gigabyte M27Q is a better monitor than the MSI Optix G273QF. While the Gigabyte monitor features HDR technology, a KVM switch, and a USB hub, those features are missing on the Optix display.

Critic Consensus

Product testers praised the MSI Optix G273QF, endorsing it for gaming. They liked its FreeSync support and G-SYNC compatibility. Experts at Monitor Nerds praised its 312-nit peak brightness and decent reflection handling, recommending it for office use. Consider the MSI Optix MAG273R review if you need an HDR model with a higher peak brightness.

Researchers say that it provides clear text in the 2560 x 14420 resolution. It has an IPS panel, providing good viewing angles. This monitor proved to have an excellent SDR color gamut, covering a whopping 99.4% of the sRGB color space. For this reason, editors recommended for photo editing.

Researchers at RTINGS hailed its HDMI 2.0 ports. Tests revealed that it has an excellent 6.9 ms total response time and an outstanding 3.4 ms input lag. This monitor has a 165 Hz maximum refresh rate and testers. However, the 1,249:1 contrast ratio was deemed mediocre by testers, and it pales in comparison to the 1494:1 contrast ratio of the IPS panel-equipped MSI Optix G273.