As I stated in my review of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case, I don’t like holding electronics directly, especially tablets, which are heavier and not necessarily comfortable in rubber or aluminum. If you always want the lastest in tech, you’ll also be interested in the Padcaster review. The iPad mini is the best exception because of it’s very light weight and thin frame, though the limitations of the tablet become very clear when it can’t stand upright and that’s all you’d like, or when it starts to get slippery while watching a movie. If you haven’t bought a new tablet yet, you might also want to read our Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad review.

With the iPad mini, Logitech’s Folio for iPad mini is an excellent solution. It provides the mini with a simple, cloth case that can stand upright and feels great to hold, no matter the situation. To update the model, Logitech has released the Folio Protective Case, which stumbles where the original Folio succeeded so handily. If you want to put your iPad on a stand, the PadFoot iPad stand is minamalist.

Instead of cloth, the Folio Protective Case uses a thin felt fabric on the inside and a scratchy converse fabric on the outside. Neither is very comfortable; the former gets slippery from holding and the latter looks and feels tacky. Tacky is the best word to describe the entire Folio Protective Case — it just lacks the simplicity and basic feel that the original Folio has. To dig the nail in deeper, the Protective Case doesn’t keep the mini locked; the magnetic lock slides and slips, activating the iPad too easily and draining battery life when in the bag nine out of ten times.

Logitech Folio for iPad mini-0117

Instead of holstering the iPad mini in a full case, the Folio Protective Case uses the half-case structure of all of Logitech’s latest cases, which in this case is especially gaudy because of the bottom plastic flap designed to keep the iPad in place when used as a stand. Sure, it takes much less space than the Folio, but adding an inch of thickness to an already absurdly thin tablet is not a problem if it’s done for the right reasons. The Folio Protective Case is made thinner for the wrong reason: simply to make it thinner. And the whole product fails because of it. For better options, have a look at some of the best iPad mini cases available today.

If you’re looking for a case for your iPad mini or iPad mini with Retina, I recommend Logitech’s older Folio for iPad mini, which will work with both models. The Folio Protective Case adds a lot of tech to a simple iPad case, like water resistance and a really thin frame, but it’s a significantly worse product than the Folio. It feels worse no matter how you use it, it slips the magnetic lock too easily, and it is not convenient as a stand. Stick with the thicker, cloth Folio.

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