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Although it’s not the best car garbage can, the IPELY car vehicle back seat hanging is still a solid trash solution that’s adjustable, compact, and made of quality Oxford material. This back seat headrest litter trash bag has a velcro bottom not found on other models, which makes emptying it a breeze.

Why We Like It – IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag

The IPELY Universal Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Litter Trash Garbage Bag is a simple way to keep trash out of sight & out of mind in your car. Made of high quality oxford material, the IPELY universal car trash bag offers a unique design that easily hangs off the back of your headrest. Litter doesn’t have to overtake your car – simply chuck it in here!

  • Adjustable – Tighten Belt To Hang This Garbage Bag In Front Of Your Back Seat Or Off Of The Gear Shifter
  • Easy-To-Empty Velcro Bottom
  • Free Delivery
  • Not Water Or Leak Proof
  • Car Garbage Bag Strap Could Be Longer


This universal car vehicle back seat headrest trash bag doesn’t offer a lot of storage space (for more storage try the Garbage Drive Auto Products Collection), but it’s the perfect size for a vehicle back seat headrest. You can, of course, use it in other places, such as your home, office, etc. Adjustable tighten belt is on the shorter side, so you may have trouble using it on the gear shifter (opposed to the vehicle back seat headrest). Made of quality Oxford material (durable enough for everyday use), this trash bag is easy to empty because of its velcro bottom.


Unlike other trash bags (such as the EPAuto Car Trash Storage Pockets), the IPELY car garbage bag isn’t waterproof, but its unique design can easily be hung off of your headrest. Garbage is kept out-of-sight by the quality Oxford material that makes up this car garbage bag. You can use it in many different places (car, home, office, etc.), but you will probably find it easiest to use when hung off the seat headrest. Litter can be a problem, especially with little kids, so having a headrest litter trash garbage bag in front of them can be extremely helpful.


This car vehicle back seat headrest hanging trash can by IPELY offers free shipping, which is fairly standard for these products (the KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Original Wastebasket is similarly priced, but offers longer straps). Decide it’s not for you? They offer free returns as well! Costing only $7.99, it’s priced competitively when compared to similar models. We liked how it’s made of Oxford cloth, as opposed to less durable materials. Also, the velcro bottom is unique to this model, so although it results in the product not being leak proof, we still think it is a valuable feature.

IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag Wrap Up

The IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag is a simple product that can be used in your car as well as your home, office, etc. Adjustable tighten straps could have been longer, and the unique easy-to-empty bottoms result in a product that will surely leak should you put liquids in it, but for the price and intended purpose we think this product works just fine.

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