HP Sprocket Studio Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The HP Sprocket Studio is probably the best portable printer and the best printer for crafting if you like to print on the go. It’s tiny in size and truly feels like a portable device that you can actually carry around everywhere. Does it function better than the best printers out there? Find out in this post.

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Why We Like It – HP Sprocket Studio

The HP Sprocket Studio is a great little device for printing out pretty much whatever you want on the go. You can easily connect your mobile device with this printer using Bluetooth in order to print something out from social media or your own creation.

  • Capable of printing high quality photos
  • Seamless Bluetooth pairing
  • Can be used for printing out personalized greetings cards
  • Build quality is not that great

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HP includes ten sheets of compatible Premium Zink Sticky Back Photo Paper in the box along with the Sprocket Studio Photo Printer. The speed is going to be perfectly fine for most casual users like kids. However, it is slower than other portable photo printers (e.g., HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer) in this range.

Print Quality

Once again, the print quality of the HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer is going to be good enough for most users. You can select up to 400 x 313 DPI from the HP Sprocket app. However, other portable photo printers like Canon Pixma iP110 are going to produce better results.


Well, this is a portable handheld photo printer, and it doesn’t use ink like your regular desktop printers. You need to buy the HP Sprocket Premium Zink Sticky Back Photo Papers directly from HP to print out anything from it. It costs just about 50 cents per print, so it’s pretty efficient in that regard.

Advanced Features

It does have Bluetooth for wireless printing, as we mentioned before. And the special paper it uses has a peel and stick back to stick the prints anywhere easily. Also, the prints are water resistant and smudge proof. With the HP Sprocket app, you can add borders, emojis, and print photos quite easily as well.


If you can find this pocket printer below $200, it’s actually quite good for that price. But, if you can’t, you should just rather spend $400 on the Epson WorkForce WF-110 wireless portable printer. It’s just way better than the HP printer in pretty much every aspect (Both speed & quality).

HP Sprocket Studio Wrap Up

All in all, the HP Sprocket Studio mini printer is very good for its price. You can get better portable printers than it, but most of them aren’t available at the same price bracket or aren’t portable enough to be carried around easily everywhere while traveling.

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