Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire 75R15 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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79 Expert Rating

From our list of the Best All Season Tires, These Goodyear Wrangler Radial tires will provide safety and durability for your pick up truck. The trend design is made to last a majority of terrains, so you can feel comfortable driving in harsh conditions like snow. This tire ranked first on our list, but if you want to find other similar tires please check out the Milestar MS932 all-season radial tire (205/55R16 91V).

Why We Like It – Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire 75R15

These new Goodyear tires are a great addition to your pickup truck. These tires are built to roll through the toughest terrain. These tires will enhance your driving experience. Right now each tire is less than a hundred dollars each, and every tire will have a limited warranty in case of any defects.

  • Great prices
  • Great limited warranty
  • May be expensive for some people


Please feel inclined to take your pick up on an epic adventure after purchasing these tires. These tires have a speed rating of S. Also consider checking out Milestar MS932 sport all-season radial tire (215/55R17 98V) for more heavy duty tire options. These wheels will improve your handle performance for added safety. These are great tires to have if you work in heavy duty jobs like construction.


In regards to technical details, These tires each weigh a total of 27.6 pounds. If you carry heavy loads on your pickup, be wary that the maximum weight that these wheels can take is a grand total of 2028 lbs which is a standard sized load. These wheels will fit a rim size of 15 inches. If you are trying to find tires for a lower price you can also scope out the Westlake RP18 All-Season Radial Tire (205/55R16 91V).


When you buy yourself these great tires from Goodyear, you have a limited warranty in case of any malfunctions. Goodyear will either replace your tire completely or give you a prorated price. Goodyear is among the top rated tires in the United States, so rest assured that you can invest in these tires with confidence. These tires will improve your car’s handling and stability.

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire 75R15 Wrap Up

The Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tires has an all terrain trend design that is perfect for most situations, so this is a great choice for an adventurer. Behind these tires is a great company that will provide a limited warranty in the event of any misfortunes with the tires.

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