4 Reasons To Not Buy Google Glass Today (List)

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Heard the news? If you’re on Twitter, you probably have: Google Glass is finally available to anyone who wants a pair. And it’s good news, for some. But for most of us, it’s still not worth it.

1. They’re $1500

The most basic reason not to buy them? They’re ridiculously overpriced. Google Glass is essentially little more than a Bluetooth headset with a screen and a camera attached, and honestly, you should be able to get all of that and more for far less than $1500. Heck, you can get far, far more than that for half the price; most high-end smartphones come with far more features than Glass, and they’ll run you between $600 and $800. Simply put, Google’s overcharging. And why are they overcharging?

2. It’s Still A Beta

Oh yeah, you read that right. In exchange for forking over $1500 and risking getting punched in the face, or having said glasses yanked off your face and smashed to bits (both of which are happening with troubling frequency), you get a product that might not even work properly. Google is still experimenting with Glass, and similarly, there are apps and products in development that are extremely interesting… but it’s all still in the beta stage. There’s a lot more to do with Glass; as popular as it is, it’s an unfinished product.

Also, being a beta, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever get more functionality out of them than what you already have. True, some of us can really use a head-mounted camera… but if you’re mostly using this to take pictures, you might just want to invest in better tools for your smartphone.

3. Did We Mention The Punching And The Smashing?

Another problem is the fact that, well, buying one of these means you join the ranks of what, increasingly, we’re socially calling Glassholes. You don’t have to go very far to find stories of Glass users doing something obnoxious and getting decked for it; heck, you can even find video reenactments of it online. And sometimes the animosity goes deeper; especially in the Bay Area, Glass is increasingly a symbol of social oppression and, well, off your face and into the concrete they go.

This is a nice way of saying Google has a massive PR problem with these things that they need to fix. Honestly, so far, they have not done a very good job of it.


4. It’s Extremely Unlikely That You Need Them

Finally, there’s just this simple fact. You don’t need them. Sorry, you don’t. Especially not at $1500.

Glass is absolutely fascinating, but it just has no logical, practical use for the average consumer. There are plenty of stunning industrial applications for Glass and other wearable technology; emergency services are just one example. Software is in the works that will let first responders identify people through facial recognition and pull up their complete medical records. That’s going to save lives, and that’s worth encouraging.

But realistically, you don’t need to buy Glass to back that, and you’ll probably stick them in the junk drawer after a month. Wait until they’re $300.

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