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The Diono Ultra Full Size Protector Black model is a full size seat protector that will keep your car upholstery like new. This product from our list of the Best Car Seat Protector has a universal design so it will most likely fit your vehicle. It is made from a material that is non-slip, and whoever sits on top of it will be safe and secure.

Why We Like It – Diono Ultra Full Size Protector Black

The Diono Ultra Full Size Protector Black seat protector is a super affordable way to prevent car seats from any spills and safely secures whoever is sitting in the seats. The black Diono ultra mat has pockets for better organization, and the material is waterproof and easily cleaned.

  • Waterproof Washable fabric
  • Foam protects from indentation
  • Does not fully cover the seat


The Diono ultra mat full size seat protector is made from a durable oxford fabric that is easily washable. The product has been crash tested and provides stability during intense moments on the road. If you would like to see more similar products, another option for you may be the Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector. In the Diono model, there is high density foam that protects your seat from having an indentation after extended use with the seat protector.


The full size seat protector black model is the only color it comes in. It has three mesh pockets that can help anyone keep their valuables organized while in the car. This car seat protector is ideal for any booster and infant seats, as well as convertibles. It has anti-slip technology embedded to ensure that you spend more time sitting on the cover rather than adjusting it. If you would like to see protectors that fully cover your seat, you may want to check out the Gorla Beige Universal Waterproof Cover.


If you purchase this seat protector now, you will save 20% from its original price. Aside from saving on the price, you will also elongate the value of your car by keeping the seats close to mint condition. These mats are easy to install and clean so you won’t spend numerous hours doing either of these things. It also goes the extra mile to not leave any marks in your seat after extended use. If you are not convinced of its worth yet, you may want to check out the Munchkin 27301.

Diono Ultra Full Size Protector Black Wrap Up

The Diono Ultra Full Size Protector Black model is a great way to protect your car and give yourself more organization while driving thanks to the three mesh pockets. The anti slip technology will securely grip any car seats or people sitting on top of it. This is extremely affordable, and it will keep your car’s original seats as preserved as possible.

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