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Updated April 4, 2023

To help you find the best electric trike, or electric tricycle, we have tried out a multitude of top triple-wheel bicycle models, testing to ensure they provided a smooth and stable ride and that their motors could achieve desirable maximum speeds. We also liked electric trikes with long-lasting battery packs that could easily traverse for long periods of time before needing a recharge. Get started by going through this guide and selecting the best electric bike for your specific need.

The best electric trike we tried was easily the Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle. This is one of the best electric tricycles for sale, thanks to rear caster wheels that allow for performing tricks, including spins, slides, and drifting. The electric motor can easily reach speeds up to 9 MPH, and the high-impact pneumatic front wheel makes for a smooth and stable ride. Keep reading to learn more about other high-quality electric trikes on the market.

Top 10 Electric Trikes

 #1  Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality trike is perfect for kids, as the rear caster wheels allow for all manner of stunt tricks. The hand-operated braking system and push-button throttle make for an efficient and smooth ride.

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  • Rear caster wheels allow for tricks and spins
  • Hand operated braking system and push-button throttle
  • High-impact pneumatic front wheel for stability
  • Battery takes 12 hours to charge and only gets 40 minutes of use
  • Maximum weight just 120 lb

The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike is absolutely perfect for kids above the age of eight, as the rear caster wheels allow for easy stunt tricks, such as spins, drifts, and even slides. The hand-operated braking system is of high quality, adding to this trike’s safety rating, and the push-button throttle allows for a near-instantaneous speed boost. We also loved the high-impact pneumatic front wheel, which offers a good amount of stability for smooth and even rides.

Being as how this electric assist trike is primarily intended to be used by kids, the maximum speed here is around nine miles per hour, and the load capacity is just 120 pounds. Additionally, the battery is slightly lacking, taking nearly 12 hours to achieve a full charge and allowing for only 40 minutes of continuous use. For better battery life options, take a look at the best electric bikes. A good example of a guide to reading about an ebike with good battery life is the best electric road bikes guide.

 #2  Addmotor Motan Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Fat tire electric trike with a 350 lb load capacity, making it ideal for large riders, in addition to dual baskets for storage and a powerful lithium-ion battery that gets 55 miles of use on a single charge.

  • Large load capacity of 350 lb
  • Dual baskets for groceries or pets
  • Max speed 22 MPH with a range of 55 miles
  • Taillight requires AA batteries
  • No rear suspension

The Addmotor Motan Electric Trike is one of the best electric trikes for adults, thanks to a long-lasting battery pack that can get up to 55 miles of use on a single charge and a powerful 750-watt motor that can achieve a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour. This adult trike is also great for larger adults, as the load capacity is a stunning 350 pounds. We also loved the removable baskets, one up front, and one in the back, that is great for storing groceries and other knick-knacks. The Kenda 24” fat-tire ups the ante, making for a smooth and effortless ride, even over gravel and debris.

Though the headlight on this adult trike is bright and luminous, perfect for night riding, the tail light requires a pair of AA batteries in order to work. Also, this trike lacks rear suspension, though the front suspension adequately contributes to the overall stability of the tricycle. Compare this to one of the best adult tricycles here.

 #3  DWMEIGI Adult Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Attractive design with a low step-through frame and a large rear cargo basket for storage.

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  • Low step-through frame
  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Luminous front and rear lights and rear basket for storage
  • Maxes out at 15 MPH
  • Some assembly required

This DWMEIGI Adult Electric Trike is easy on the eyes, with a large cargo basket in the rear for storing groceries, tools, and other must-have items. This is a durable and stable electric trike with an extended wheelbase, a low center of gravity, and an ergonomic brake lever. The front and rear lights are exceptionally luminous, further adding to this trike’s safety rating.

Though the brushless gear hub motor is well-made and ultra-durable, the 350w design only allows it to reach a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. Also, there is some assembly required when purchasing this trike, although the company does provide a video on how to do this. For those who enjoy the outdoors, read our buying guide on the best off road electric bikes.

 #4  Liberty Electric Trike

Liberty Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Folding design for easy transport, as it can be stuffed in the trunk of the car when not in use, with a twist throttle complete with a reverse function, for backing into parking spots, and a comfortable seat and backrest.

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  • Twist throttle with reverse function
  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • Spacious and sturdy rear basket
  • Top speed 12 MPH
  • Battery only gets 15 miles of use out of a single charge

The Liberty Electric Trike is an excellent folding electric tricycle that can shrink down to a compact size for the purposes of storage. The 750-watt motor is plenty powerful and integrates with a twist throttle on the handlebar, for quick acceleration, and a reverse button, which comes in especially handy when trying to back into parking spots. We also loved the spacious and sturdy rear basket and the comfortable seat that includes a durable backrest.

Though the maximum payload here is excellent, at 400 pounds, we did find that the battery only got around 15 miles of use out of a single charge, which was lessened further as you approach the top of that payload. Additionally, the front-mounted direct-drive hub motor is of high quality, it maxes out at around 12 miles per hour. Be sure to read about our list of the best electric fat bikes.

 #5  Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality electric trike with plenty of bells and whistles, including a 7-speed transmission, durable hydraulic brakes, and sturdy design that can easily accommodate max loads of 320 pounds.

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  • 7-speed transmission and hydraulic brakes
  • Max load of 320 lb
  • Oversized fat tires can handle variety of terrains
  • Requires a fair bit of assembly
  • No reverse function

The Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike is a well-made tricycle with plenty of high-end features, including a seven-speed transmission that can easily handle hills and steep inclines and a durable frame that can easily accommodate up to 320 pounds. We loved the trio of fat tires, allowing the trike to ride upon a wide variety of terrain types, and the safety-enhancing hydraulic brakes. The oversized rear basket is great for hauling groceries, and the seat features robust back support.

Though the 500-watt motor can easily reach 20 miles per hour and the battery can get 35 miles of use out of a single charge, there is no reverse function, which could make it somewhat difficult to back into a parking space, for instance. Also, this trike ships in two boxes and requires a fair bit of assembly, though some tools are included. For casual riders, consider some of the best electric beach cruiser bikes.

 #6  MotoTec Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly trike with plenty of high-end features, including an 800-watt front wheel hub motor that can reach speeds up to 25 MPH and a pedal-free design that is perfect for seniors.

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  • Can go up to 25 MPH
  • Front LED headlight and large storage basket
  • Pedal-free design is great for seniors
  • Battery only gets around 17 miles on a single charge
  • Max weight capacity 240 lb

This MotoTec Electric Trike comes in at a budget-friendly price point while offering a feature set in line with higher-priced competitors, including a powerful 800-watt motor that can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. This is one of the best electric trikes for seniors, as it features a pedal-free design that does not require manual operation. We also loved the bright front LED headlight and large storage basket, the latter being perfect for hauling groceries to and fro.

Though the motor is indeed powerful, the battery only gets around 17 miles of use from a single charge, though it does charge rather quickly. Additionally, the maximum load capacity here is just 260 pounds, which could impact certain consumers. And then there are also the best ebike for heavy riders, great for those with larger builds. But if you are searching for a commuting bike, check out our best folding electric bikes guide.

 #7  Toxozers Electric Trike


WHY WE LIKE IT: Comes with a trio of high-grade air-filled tires that excel on most terrain types, as they feature a strong grip and are anti-slip. This trike also features a highly adjustable seat, making it a suitable choice for consumers of all heights.

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  • Highly adjustable seat
  • Load capacity of 400 lb
  • Reverse functionality included
  • Extremely heavy, at over 200 lb
  • Battery takes nearly 10 hours to reach maximum charge

This Toxozers Electric Trike is equipped with a trio of high-grade air-filled tires, one 24-inch wheel up front, and a pair of 12-inch wheels at the rear. These tires all feature a strong grip and are anti-slip, so they excel at a wide variety of terrain types, including snow, sand, rocky trails, and, of course, traditional asphalt. We loved the comfortable seat, which is highly adjustable to fit most heights, and that this trike can safely transport up to 400 pounds. The fact that this trike can also operate in reverse was a nice bonus, allowing us to easily back into parking spots when necessary.

However, this a durably made and quite heavy trike clocking in at over 200 pounds. In other words, it cannot be carried when not in use. Additionally, the motor can reach 22 miles per hour, and the battery pack can run for 25 miles before needing a recharge, both fantastic metrics, but the recharging process does take up to ten hours. Also, consider the best e bikes for women.

 #8  Fat Tire FTR-100 Electric Recumbent Trike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Fantastic electric recumbent trike design with ultra-fat tires, for stability, a durable high carbon steel frame and an extremely comfortable fiberglass cushioned seat.

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  • Durable high carbon steel frame
  • Cushioned fiberglass seat is extremely comfortable
  • 750w motor can go up to 28 MPH
  • Takes a couple of hours to fully assemble
  • Battery takes over 8 hours to reach a full charge

This Fat Tire FTR-100 Electric Recumbent Trike is an extremely durable tricycle, thanks to a high-carbon steel frame and an aluminum alloy carrier. We loved the adjustable and comfortable cushioned fiberglass seat, which can bear a load capacity of 360 pounds, and the ultra-powerful 48v 750watt brushless rear hub motor, which can reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.

Though the lithium-ion battery that accompanies this fat tire electric trike can get up to 50 miles of use on a single charge, we did find that it took a while to reach a maximum charge, over eight hours. Additionally, this recumbent trike takes a couple of hours to fully assemble and requires a suite of common household tools, although it is still one of the best bikes on the market.

 #9  EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around Electric Trike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Can easily haul over 400 pounds, making it perfect for consumers of any body shape, with a comfortable oversized seat complete with a backrest and two large baskets on the front and rear for storage.

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  • 2 large baskets for storage
  • Oversized seat with backrest
  • Bright headlight and electric horn
  • Maxes out at 15 MPH
  • 20 miles on a single charge

The EWheels EW-29 Scoot-Around Electric Trike boasts an exceptional maximum load capacity of over 400 pounds. The weight capacity, combined with the oversized seat and backrest, makes this an exceptional choice for adults with larger-than-average body frames. We also loved the two large baskets on the trike’s front and rear, allowing for plenty of storage, and the bright LED headlight.

Though the 500-watt motor is powerful, this electric trike maxes out at around 15 miles per hour, lessening slightly as you approach maximum load capacity. Also, the battery pack only gets around 20 miles on a single charge, though it does reach a maximum charge rather quickly. Look at the best electric bike for seniors, a great gift for those a bit older.

#10  eDrift UH-ES395 Fat Tire Electric Trike

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an integrated alarm system and a remote start functionality, both of which help to deter theft, and a powerful hydraulic disc brake system for safety.

Read Full Review: eDrift UH-ES395 Fat Tire Electric Trike

  • Powerful hydraulic disc brake system
  • Front suspension offers a smooth ride
  • Wide tires offer stability and can traverse multiple terrain types
  • Gets around 20 miles per charge, though can be upgraded
  • No basket for storage

The eDrift UH-ES395 Fat Tire Electric Trike offers several features to help deter theft, including a built-in alarm system and a keyless remote start functionality. The hydraulic disc brake system is of exceptional quality and enhances this trike’s safety rating, as does the top-notch front suspension and powerful 1500-watt motor. We also loved the ultra-wide tires, which offer a stable ride and can easily accommodate multiple terrain types, including asphalt, sand, and snow.

Though the lithium-ion battery pack only gets around 20 miles of use out of a single charge, it reaches a maximum charge quickly, takes around two hours, and can be swapped out with a larger battery for lengthier use times. Also, there is no included basket for storing and transporting groceries and other knick-knacks. If you live in areas without a lot of paved roads, be sure to read about the best gravel e bike.

How We Decided

To help narrow down the above list of electric bikes, we made sure that each electric trike we chose was of exceptional quality and made from durable and long-lasting components. We liked trikes with steel or aluminum alloy frames with large load capacities of up to around 400 pounds. We also enjoyed tricycles equipped with fat tires, on the front or rear wheels, that can easily handle a wide variety of terrain types.

As far as speed, we looked for trikes with powerful electric motors that could travel at least 12 miles per hour and, in some cases, twice that amount. Battery life was also an important concern. To that end, we chose trikes with long-lasting battery packs that got plenty of miles out of a single charge, anywhere from 15 miles to 35 miles. We also favored batteries that reached a maximum charge quickly and those that were rated to last for hundreds of charging cycles before needing a replacement.

We also liked trikes with good suspension systems, offering a stable ride, and those that featured all manner of additional functionality, including large storage trunks, the ability to go in reverse, and safety-enhancing hydraulic brake systems. Finally, we liked electrically powered trikes that were easy on the eyes, preferring aesthetically appealing models.

Best Electric Trike Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Motor and Speed
    For many people looking for the best electric tricycle for adults, power and speed are a critical factor for the greatest electric tricycles.
    • If you have a need for speed, make sure the powerful motor on your chosen electric trike is up to snuff. This is especially crucial if you’re needing an electric mountain bike for rugged terrain.
    • As you’re shopping around for a strong electric trike for seniors, look for a front or rear hub motor that can reach a maximum speed of at least 15 miles per hour.
    • Some trikes’ performance can go twice that fast, while others include high-grade throttle systems that assist with acceleration.
    • If you are looking at raw numbers, any trike with a motor at or above 350 watts should be fine for the purposes of speed.
    • But different bikes have different capabilities, so the best electric bikes for hunting should be ones that can handle a variety of terrain and have good suspensions or shocks.
  2. Battery Life and Range
    So, what is the best electric tricycle for adults? This can only be answered by the range you need and the strength of the battery. These great electric tricycles for seniors typically include rechargeable lithium batteries.
    • To that end, make sure you get the most bang for your buck by choosing a trike with a battery capacity that can run for long distances before needing a recharge, somewhere in the 20 to 40-mile range.
    • You should also take a gander at just how long it takes for the battery power to reach a maximum charge, just in case you end up near an outlet in the middle of your ride.
    • That said, a strong battery will make electric tricycles for seniors much safer. So, keep this in mind as you shop around for the best e trikes.
    • But, for those who want something lighter for short distances, you’ll want to read our INOKIM Light 2 review instead.
  3. Safety
    Safety features are an extremely important concern while shopping for an electric trike, just like an electric bicycle.
    • Look for trikes with high-quality mechanical rear disc brakes or hydraulic brakes.
    • Other safety features include front and rear suspension systems, which can help to offer a stable ride, and large anti-slip tires that won’t get stuck on sand, snow, or other difficult terrain types.
    • Some trikes also come equipped with large LED headlights, electric horns, durable aluminum frames, and high-quality suspension forks. For a look at such safety features, read our Schwinn Meridian review.
    • Moreover, if you’re using a trike abroad, you’ll want to become familiar with the e-bike laws in the EU and UK.
  4. Additional Features
    If you are looking for additional features, electric trikes have them in spades. Most trikes we reviewed included some form of storage option in the form of baskets along the front or rear. Other trikes include high-quality LED screens that display a variety of useful metrics, including speed, distance traveled, and battery life. Finally, certain trike bikes include built-in alarm systems and keyless remote start functionalities. On that note, you’ll find many of these additional features on our list of the leading all-terrain electric bikes.

Electric Trike FAQs

What is the best electric trike?

We think all of the trike bikes on our list are fantastic, but if we had to choose we’d go with our top pick or our honorary mention. The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Trike is a safe and fun choice for kids and the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike is a useful choice for adults, with a large load capacity and a storage basket included.

What is the best tricycle for adults?

We think most of the above options are perfect for adults, but the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike truly shines in that department. It features a load capacity of 350 pounds, suiting most body types, and comes with a cargo basket and a zippy motor that can reach a max speed of 22 miles per hour.

Who makes the best trike?

We were sure to include heavy-duty electric tricycles for adults made by many renowned manufacturers, including Addmotor, eDrift, and MotoTec. Other great companies include TopMate and PowerRider. The TopMate ES30 nearly made our list.

How do you ride an electric trike?

Most electric tricycles, or electric scooters, feature pedals, for manual movement, and a powerful motor for pedal assist movement. You can adjust both to arrive at a combination of automatic and manual for a perfect and smooth ride. Often, tricycles achieve a smoother ride than traditional bikes, as traditional bikes have two wheels as opposed to three. The same goes for electric bicycles. Also, traditional trikes do not contain a motor, so one must manually pedal them in order to travel.
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