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With a brand like ASUS, people expect high end performance, and the ASUS PB278Q delivers on that promise. Offering both amazing resolution and technology to help against eye strain, the ASUS PB278Q is well worth the price of admission. With ASUS’ EyeCare technology, this monitor makes it to our list of Best Monitors for Eyes and Best Gaming Monitor. Does it feature on our list of best computer monitors? Only one way to find out!

Why We Like It – ASUS PB278Q

With a quad HD resolution, the ASUS PB278Q delivers a remarkable picture quality while also ensuring that your eyes aren’t strained from prolonged use. WIth a 27 inch tilt swivel monitor like the ASUS PB278Q , you’ll be wondering how you were able to work without it.

  • ASUS Eye Care technology
  • 100% sRBG color gamut for maximum color accuracy
  • VESA compatible
  • Included speakers are not the best quality
  • Included base feels too unsecure


Touting a quad HD resolution, the PB278Q led screen is large enough for multitasking with lifelike colors and superior image. For those who use one screen for multiple uses, the ASUS PB278Q comes with several presets to use. Whether it be for editing, gaming, or watching movies, you can switch between presets at will to always ensure that you get the best picture quality whatever you do. Though should switching between presets be too tedious for you, the BenQ GW2280 Eye Care has amazing quality under all situations you may need it for.

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Viewing Angle

Unlike other monitors, the ASUS PB278Q has its swivel mechanism housed at the bottom. Even so, you are unable to adjust the height, tilt, swivel and pivot. For those that prefer a vertical monitor, the ASUS PB278Q is able to swivel 360 degrees to meet the demand. Coming in with a wide 187 degree viewing angle, rest assured you’ll be able to have a great view no matter where you look with this monitor. Thanks in part to the 100% sRGB color gamut, your image will be color accurate as well.


A cause of concern for the PB278Q LED screen lies in ASUS’ decision to house the swivel at the bottom of the monitor’s base. Unfortunately, this results in the monitor as a whole feeling rather awkward when you adjust it. When hit from the side, the monitor wobbles more than I’m comfortable with. Feeling like a monitor is about to fall is never a good sign for a monitor, especially one for this price. For a monitor with a more reliable stand, we recommend the
Dell UltraSharp U2412M.


Outside of the DVI, Displayport, VGA, HDMI, and headphone jack, there’s not much else the ASUS PB278Q has to offer. At a time where other monitors, such as the ViewSonic VA2855SMH, carry a more diverse port selection, the lack of a USB port can make this a deal breaker with a lot of customers.


Fortunately, the sheer quality of the screen is hard to replicate. For the price, this is one of the best options for those who want only the best when it comes to resolution and quality. Able to accurately replicate not only millions of colors, but also whites and darks. This monitor is an absolute must for those needing the most accurate screen.

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ASUS PB278Q Wrap Up

A great monitor squandered by a few blunders, the ASUS PB278Q comes close to perfection. While it is appreciated that the ASUS PB278Q comes with speakers, its low quality is not worth it. Additionally, the included stand does not feel secure to house the monitor. However, the PB278Q LED screen is amazing, and if you have a VESA mount, this is an easily fixable solution. The ASUS PB278Q offers lifelike images that you would be remiss to skip out on.

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